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The ex-U.S. envoy to anti-ISIS coalition rips Trump: He’s “not a Commander-in-Chief”

The ex-U.S. envoy to anti-ISIS coalition rips Trump: He’s “not a Commander-in-Chief”

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After announcing today that he would pull U.S. troops out of the northern part of Syria, Donald Trump has betrayed America’s Kurdish allies by allowing Turkish forces who consider the Kurds a terrorist army to directly confront their opponents.

Now, Brett McGurk, Trump’s former envoy to the anti- ISIS coalition, has denounced the president’s decision as “impulsive” and has declared that the policy change will benefit Russia, Iran, and ISIS in the volatile region. McGurk, who has also worked in the administrations of Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush, lambasted Trump as a coward and an incompetent in a blistering series of tweets this morning.

The former ISIS envoy’s deep knowledge of the region and the ongoing conflicts there were evident in his detailed analysis of the current situation in Syria and the surrounding nations, facts that the president apparently either ignored or never bothered to take the time to learn before making his decision to withdraw American support for the Kurds.

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McGurk also faulted Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for his silence on the issue.

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At a time when Trump has made substantial cuts to the National Security Council, McGurk questions whether the president has received adequate background briefings on the situation in Syria and our allies’ positions on the strategy he has now called to implement.

The former envoy with a history of standing by his convictions faults Trump for his lack of thoughtful analysis — a not unexpected behavior from a president of, at best, limited intellectual capacity — and for his abandonment of the Kurds, America’s most loyal allies in the Middle East conflict since the initial phases of the Iraq war.

McGurk’s brutal takedown of President Trump’s feckless conduct of America’s foreign policy couldn’t be more spot on.

The danger of Trump’s desperate and impulsive moves to change foreign policy to benefit his Russian patrons as he faces removal from office as the evidence mounts in the looming impeachment case against him make the speed of his removal all the more crucial.

Who knows what other previously unimaginable actions he may take as he drags the nation down with him while he hangs onto his powers kicking and screaming?

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Original reporting by Rebecca Klar at The Hill.

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