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Conway trashes Trump for refusing to cooperate with Congress: “an impeachable offense” itself

Conway trashes Trump for refusing to cooperate with Congress: “an impeachable offense” itself

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As Donald Trump dives headfirst into a constitutional crisis in order to try to escape an impeachment process that is already well underway — a process that has already convinced a majority of Americans of its legitimacy —  his letter to Congress declaring that he will refuse to cooperate with their investigations of his criminal behavior is backfiring among the few Republicans who realize what a liability the president is to their party’s continued existence as a viable political force going forward.

The most visible of this growing group of “never-Trump” Republicans who are willing to disclose their profound disenchantment with the president is the lawyer, George Conway, who ironically is married to one of Trump’s senior advisors and media mouthpieces, Kellyanne Conway.

As an attorney, Mr. Conway was particularly incensed over the letter that Trump sent to House Democratic leaders via White House Counsel Pat Cipollone that accused the Democrats of conducting an illegitimate and partisan effort “to overturn the results of the 2016 election” via a process that the president and his GOP allies falsely claim to be unconstitutional.

Conway expressed his opinion of the argument that Mr. Cipollone was making on behalf of Trump in a tweet that was laden with outrage and disbelief at the arrogance and sheer wrong-headedness of the invented legal justifications that the letter contained.

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In rightly categorizing the White House’s refusal to cooperate with a legitimate and totally deserved impeachment inquiry by the body explicitly authorized to do so by the Constitution as obstruction of justice and an impeachable offense, George Conway points Congressional Democrats towards exactly the path that they need to take going forward: including clear charges of obstruction of justice as one of the primary articles of impeachment, and — more importantly — immediately charging any Trump administration official who refuses to honor a subpoena to appear before them and testify truthfully with contempt of Congress and hauling their Constitution-defying butts off to prison until they cooperate.

Republicans will have a difficult time refuting the legal opinion of a noted barrister of their own party by accusing Mr. Conway of partisan bias as they continue to level at their Democratic opponents, particularly since, if the advice he is giving is followed through to its logical conclusion, his own household will suffer a significant loss of income once Trump is expelled from office and Kellyanne joins the ranks of the virtually unemployable former White House staff.

Instead, they will continue to ignore common sense — and the text of the Constitution — to try to protect the president despite his obvious unsuitability to continue another second as president. At least Mr. Conway has the sense to remain on the right side of history with his reputation unblemished except through his connections to Trump through his wife’s nefarious activities. At least someone in the family will still be able to find gainful employment when this all plays out.

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Original reporting by Sarah K. Burris at RawStory.

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