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Trump drags Bill Clinton and Obama into his feud with Minneapolis mayor, claims they paid “almost nothing” for visits

Trump drags Bill Clinton and Obama into his feud with Minneapolis mayor, claims they paid “almost nothing” for visits

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Earlier today, Donald Trump dove facefirst into his latest petty feud when he launched a lengthy Twitter attack on Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey (D). The president and his slavering lackeys claimed that Frey is trying to overcharge the Trump campaign for the rally the president has planned in the Midwest city this Thursday by requesting $530,000 to cover the security and hosting fees for the massive event.

Frey and his city are completely within their rights to demand the money, as the Trump campaign has a long history of failing to pay their debts to major cities after hosting rallies in them. Just one example is the city of El Paso, Texas. As of October 1st, the Trump campaign had still failed to pay the over $500,000 they owe the city for a February rally, an amount which accounts for a staggering 15% of all overdue debt owed to the city. One would have to be a fool at this point to trust that the president will pay his bills.

After Trump unleashed his pathetic tweetstorm—which also included complaints about a perfectly reasonable policy in Minneapolis which bans off-duty police officers from wearing their uniforms to political events—Mayor Frey hit back mockingly, questioning the president’s integrity and presenting himself as clearly unfazed by the childish onslaught. It was only a matter of time before the president’s ego got the best of him and he lashed out again. Now, he has.

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Trump reiterated his earlier absurd argument that Frey requesting that Trump cover his rally expenses is somehow a violation of “Free Speech” and claimed that President Clinton and President Obama paid “almost nothing.” As usual, he failed to provide even a scrap of evidence for his partisan claim. It’s worth noting that Frey was sworn in as mayor in 2018 and was not in charge of the city during either the Clinton or Obama administrations. Once again, we see Trump’s embarrassing victimhood complex rearing its bloated orange head.

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From there, Trump pivoted to the silly police uniform scandal and pushed the “Cops For Trump” t-shirt that he shilled for earlier today. He claimed the website for the hideous clothing article crashed because of “incredible volume” but that it’s now “back up and running.” His decision to fixate on the weird t-shirt is just a transparent attempt to rile up the “Blue Lives Matter” crowd and stir the culture war pot. It’s a diversion and one that this president, facing likely impeachment, desperately needs. If he weren’t such a horrendous, monstrous man it might actually be pitiable.

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