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Trump frantically rattles off a stunning 23 defensive tweets ranging from impeachment to Obama

Trump frantically rattles off a stunning 23 defensive tweets ranging from impeachment to Obama

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As impeachment looms, Donald Trump is retreating further and further into his delusional comfort zone, relying more than ever on kind words of the sycophants at Fox News and the MAGA trolls populating his Twitter feed. This morning, he woke up and unleashed a staggering 23 tweets, some of which were aimed at spreading his usual misinformation and some of which were clearly aimed at just making himself feel better about his imploding presidency.

He started off by sharing a video of the hacks from Fox’s The Five, one of his favorite propaganda shows. The clip showcases an attempt by the hosts to smear the whistleblower as a partisan Democrat. Beyond even the obvious dishonesty on display, the talking points are completely irrelevant. The whistleblower hardly matters at this point, because Trump has already admitted to the allegations. His White House released the transcript of his call with the Ukrainian president and it clearly shows him asking for the “favor” of Ukraine opening a damaging investigation into his possible 2020 opponent Joe Biden. On top of that, he publicly asked China to do the same.

Oh, and the president also got in one of his trademark typos by referring to the Democrats’ inquiry as a “Wirch Hunt.”

Add your name to tell Congress to investigate Pence for his role in Trump’s Ukraine corruption. The VP is complicit!

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The president went on about the whistleblower a bit, with some of his usual projecting and a copious amount of lies thrown in. Rather than making him seem innocent and unfairly beset, the frantic nature of the tweets came across as the lashing out of a guilty conscience. And again, it cannot be reiterated enough that even if the worst claims about the whistleblower were true, it wouldn’t matter. We have all the facts. We have the transcript. We have the president’s own words.

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His mind apparently going a million miles a minute, Trump then took a shot at one of his most hated rivals, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

For some reason, he decided to take a shot at the United Nations as well.

The president then tried to defend his widely decried and sure to be disastrous move to essentially greenlight a Turkish invasion of Northern Syria. He tried to paint his decision as some brilliant strategic move aimed at saving U.S. defense dollars and lives when really he just has absolutely no idea what he’s doing. If the Turks end up committing genocide against the Kurds and other ethnic groups in Syria, their blood with be on Trump’s hands.

Trump then pivoted back to impeachment, the thing which is clearly dominating his thoughts above all else.

He then went back to the whistleblower, because apparently the President of the United States of America has nothing better to do with his time than rehash his own pointless rhetoric over and over again.

Apparently not satisfied that he had attacked enough targets yet, the president took a swing at the Federal Reserve next.

He then boosted some of his little cronies in the GOP.

The president bragged about his boneheaded China policy.

He retweeted his neanderthal son Donald Trump Jr. who had blasted out some pathetic attack on Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

He then went back to Schiff again.

Trump retweeted his son again, clearly unable to put his phone down at this point. Trump Jr. seems to be just as obsessed with the whistleblower as his father.

The president backtracked to Syria after that…

…took a random shot at Hillary Clinton.

Trump next turned to one of his enduring hatreds: President Obama. He repeated some right-wing fever dream conspiracy theories about his successor and accused him of failing to fill judgeships, neglecting to mention the rank obstructionism Obama faced from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel (R-KY). Trump rambled on a bit about DACA as well, demonstrating obvious ignorance of what it entails.

Trump ended his pathetic Twitter outburst by claiming that only 25% of Americans want him impeached, which is a blatant lie. FiveThirtyEight currently pegs approval for impeachment at 48.8% and disapproval at 43.6%. In other words, more of the country wants Trump removed than wants him to stay. That number is likely to rise as more of his misdeeds come to light. This presidency is rapidly taking on water and Trump won’t be able to tweet his way out of it.

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