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Trump claims immediate victory in China farm trade deal in Sunday tweets but provides no evidence

Trump claims immediate victory in China farm trade deal in Sunday tweets but provides no evidence

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The ancient Romans employed augurs to interpret the flights of birds to discern the omens that they portended. The practice has fallen out of common usage in the modern world, although environmental specialists are predicting environmental collapse due to the rapid extinction of bird species as their habitat disappears and the climate changes, threatening their remaining numbers.

The current equivalents of these prophetic seers are those of us who — rather than observing the flight of itinerant flocks or reading tea leaves — parse the tweets of Donald Trump for insight into his mental state and its possible impact on the future of the United States and its citizens.

With today’s post-golfing tweets, Trump has helped reinforce a central principle that those who interpret his tweets professionally have used to measure the president’s anxiety level over the threats he faces in being held accountable for his outrageously criminal behavior — that the more threatened Trump feels, the higher percentage of ALL CAPS tweeting he includes in his posts.

Online etiquette has long equated spurious capitalization with shouting or screaming in the reader’s metaphorical ear, and, when the president is angry or cornered, his volume level rises as his instinctual fear increases.

His first tweet after returning from the links demonstrates the root of his anxiety — his self-induced impending impeachment which he foolishly believes can be forestalled by scaring Democrats into thinking that their investigations into his publicly visible crimes will lead them to lose votes in the next election.

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Now that the latest Fox News poll shows that a majority of Americans want Trump impeached AND removed from office, the president knows that only more election interference, voter suppression, and other illegal tactics will bring about the result that he warns the Democrats of while spreading falsehoods about their investigation.

Realizing that his trade war with China may have cost him the votes of many of his rural agricultural former supporters, Trump next desperately tries to appeal to those farmers who have seen their crop sales plummet and the China market lost to foreign competitors due to his imposition of steep tariffs on Chinese goods that prompted swift retaliation where it hurts U.S. farmers the most.

The internal contradictions between Trump’s claims that a deal with China is done and that agricultural purchases will immediately recommence and his admission that the deal is not yet signed are further emphasized by the fact reported in The Wall Street Journal that China has not publicly confirmed its commitment to make the billion-dollar farm products deal.

By capitalizing his lies, Trump makes it simple to see through his politically-motivated lies and regard them as the desperate attempts at gaslighting that they are. To make sure that those doubting farmers didn’t miss his enticement, he repeats his assertions in an all-caps shout out that appropriately echoes the propaganda language of Chairman Mao.

Having taken action to solidify his crumbling base, Trump moved back to attacking his political opponents for the next tweet, falsely claiming that his phone call with the Ukranian president wasn’t the clear evidence of criminal behavior that it most certainly is and trying to shift the story to his ludicrous claim that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) was pretending to quote him directly and inaccurately rather than parodically paraphrasing his call in an effort to explain to even the dimmest of Trump supporters what was actually going on during the call.

Apparently his paraphrasing couldn’t illuminate his point when confronted with the dimmest of presidential intellects.

Enough shouting already!

This Twitter augury indicates a high level of anxiety and desperation in the Trump cranial cavity, a phenomenon that predicts dangerous conditions ahead.

The only solution is to be provided through the work of Representative Schiff and his congressional colleagues in impeaching the president as swiftly as possible and then pushing the Senate to remove him from office expeditiously.

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