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“Say his name!”: George Conway rips into Republicans criticizing Trump without calling him out

“Say his name!”: George Conway rips into Republicans criticizing Trump without calling him out

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If traditional Republicans hoping to salvage their party from the damage to its reputation caused by the malfeasance of Donald Trump are looking for a leader — or at least a cheerleader — they could easily turn to the experienced GOP lawyer George Conway.

Although married to one of Trump’s longest-serving senior advisors — Kellyanne Conway — the conservative attorney has been a frequent and vocal critic of the president and an effective Twitter troll to counteract Trump’s ubiquitous social media presence.

Mr. Conway has at times seemed like a lone voice in the wilderness as Republican politicians bowed at the Trump altar — either out of admiration or out of fear of political repercussions from the Trump base if they spoke out against his increasingly erratic behavior.

With Trump’s moves to abandon America’s Kurdish allies in Syria, however, the president has finally crossed the line that has caused at least some GOP luminaries to respond vigorously against his latest foreign policy disaster.

The only problem — as Mr. Conway pointed out today in a series of Twitter responses to these Republicans with newly-grown backbones — is that the denunciations of the reversal of years of U.S. military alliance with the Kurdish forces by these newly woke GOP politicians all failed to mention the name of the man who made the fateful decision to betray our allies.

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Conway attempted to rectify that situation with his efforts to make #SayHisName start trending on Twitter by replying to every tweet he could find from Republican politicians condemning Trump’s action without specifically mentioning his role in the potential genocide he engendered.

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Among the politicians he targeted were House Republican Conference Chairwoman Liz Cheney (R-WY), Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), and former Senator Bob Corker (R-TN).

Conway also applied the hashtag to a tweet from Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera and anywhere else that he saw a lack of attribution for the responsibility for the newly launched series of atrocities.

The GOP anti-Trump activist didn’t just use his shaming stick against cowardly fellow Republicans. Mr. Conway also rewarded those who followed his advice to call out the president by name while denouncing his policies.

With the escape of ISIS detainees previously guarded by Kurdish soldiers now pulled away to fight the Turkish invasion, more Republicans are likely to join the calls for the reversal of Trump’s impulsive betrayal of the Kurds.

Hopefully, George Conway’s hashtag shaming will give them the impetus to publicly place the blame for this horrendous decision squarely where it belongs — on the shoulders of Donald Trump.

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Original reporting by Justin Wise at The Hill

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