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Twitter reminds the GOP chair she’s Romney’s niece after she accuses the Bidens of nepotism

Twitter reminds the GOP chair she’s Romney’s niece after she accuses the Bidens of nepotism

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One of the primary objectives of Donald Trump’s impeachment-inducing call with the Ukranian President was to implicate Hunter Biden, the son of his potential Democratic rival for the 2020 presidential election, in illegal — or at least compromising — activities that could be used against his father Joe Biden to ensure the current president’s victory.

The efforts to find such political dirt were motivated by the assumption that the younger Mr. Biden could only have landed his lucrative position with a Ukrainian energy company through the type of corrupt nepotism that would reflect badly on his father.

Never mind the fact that the Trump family are the poster children for corrupt nepotism as they hungrily reap millions of dollars from overseas deals while their father continues to profit from the unconstitutional emoluments that the businesses that he’s handed temporary control of to his sons generate on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, the president’s Republican minions simply ignore the cognitive dissonance inherent in the hypocritical attacks on the Bidens and continue to promote accusations of impropriety towards their Democratic opponents.

While hypocrisy from the Trump White House is acknowledged as a feature rather than a bug by most Democrats, it is particularly ironic to see Ronna McDaniel, the Chair of the Republican National Committee, making posts on Twitter attacking Hunter Biden’s “obvious nepotism.”

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While McDaniel has rapidly advanced since being elected as the Michigan representative to the Republican National Committee in 2014, at least a portion of the quickness of her rise in the GOP establishment must be attributed to her own lineage as reflected in her maiden name — Ronna Romney.

While it’s difficult to claim that McDaniel would not have risen to her current position on her own merits, it’s undeniable that her status as the granddaughter of three-term Michigan Governor George W. Romney and as the niece of Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) has helped smooth her way to the top of the RNC, especially since prior to working on her uncle’s presidential bid seven years ago, her experience consisted of working as a business and production manager for media companies.

Twitter exploded with derision in their replies to the RNC chair’s sanctimonious tweet.

In one sense, perhaps there is no one better to comment on nepotism than someone who knows it as intimately as Ms. McDaniel — or for that matter the Trump siblings, who have been equally clueless about the irony of their attacks on Hunter Biden.

On the other hand, anyone other than hypocritical Republicans will most likely respond to the self-righteous posturing of McDaniel and the other beneficiaries of their family ties by shouting “If that’s not the swamp, I don’t know what is!”

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