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Trump sends juvenile letter to Turkish President Erdoğan begging him to “make a deal” to save his presidency

Trump sends juvenile letter to Turkish President Erdoğan begging him to “make a deal” to save his presidency

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Fox Business host Trish Regan posted on Twitter an exclusive copy of the letter sent to Turkish President Recep Erdoğan by Donald Trump in an attempt to stem the genocidal attacks that his own impulsive decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Kurdish-controlled territory in Syria has caused.

In a letter that the White House has confirmed is indeed genuine, Trump is an embarrassment to America in so many ways that this letter alone should disqualify him from consideration for continuing in office a moment longer.

Channeling the “The Art of the Deal,” the president sounds like the late Monty Hall or a used car salesman in his opening line: “Let’s work out a good deal!” before demonstrating his elementary school-level composition skills.

Read for yourself below:

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Of course, none of Trump’s threats and pleading would be necessary if the president had not abandoned America’s long-standing Kurdish allies.

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Readers on Twitter expressed disbelief at first that the letter could be real, mistakenly attributing it to The Onion or some other satirical publication before the White House confirmed its authenticity.

With even his own most brown-nosing Republican supporters — including most notably Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) — turning on Trump for his cruel and foolish decision, Trump’s letter seems more like a feeble attempt at damage control rather than a serious diplomatic exchange meant to change the dynamics on the ground in Syria.

Either way, history will deservedly look upon Trump forever as the devil, a phony tough guy, and a fool…and the worst writer in presidential history.

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