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Trump suggests Obama was involved in “2016 election corruption” and DNC hack was inside job

Trump suggests Obama was involved in “2016 election corruption” and DNC hack was inside job

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The cornucopia of lies, ill intent, and steaming bull turds that stream from Donald Trump’s mouth never ceases to amaze the discerning public with its sheer brazenness and volume as it simultaneously disgusts and enrages people who are exasperated with the lack of intelligence and the utter self-involvement that this president exhibits on a daily basis.

Trump’s comments to the press today in the Oval Office fit his pattern of attempting to repeat falsehoods frequently enough that at least some of the people who hear the news coverage will begin to accept the lies as facts on the ground in the president’s propaganda wars.

With an aim at establishing a revisionist history of the 2016 presidential election — a history that posits an alternate universe from our reality where intelligence agencies and congressional panels acknowledge the interference of Russia in the campaign in order to help elect Trump — the president promulgated his crackpot, self-serving conspiracy theories about what he desperately wants the public to believe happened in 2016.

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As Trump began his pity-party tirade, what he said actually sounded plausible:

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“There was tremendous corruption in the 2016 election. I think even you would admit that. The election..uhh…it was disgraceful what happened…,” the president began with a statement that pretty much everyone could agree with.

It was when Trump turned to who the actual perpetrators and victims of the malfeasance in the 2016 election were that the president’s comments went off the rails and plunging into the fantastical delusions that only his devious mind could invent.

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Picking up with his characterization of the disgrace of the corrupt election, Trump said:

“It was disgraceful what happened…and what happened to me and what happened to the Republicans and that continues.”

The president then went on to attack House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) as “fraudulent” for their initiation of impeachment inquiries into the president’s publicly admitted crimes while praising his attorney Rudy Giuliani — currently under investigation after his Soviet-born associates were arrested on charges of illegally funneling foreign money to a pro-Trump super PAC — as motivated by the corruption of the 2016 election to investigate the involvement of Ukraine.

Referring to the 2106 contest as “The election I won, but the election that was absolutely corrupted by things that took place in government,” Trump ignores his loss of the popular vote as he tries to distract from his own campaign’s proven interactions with Russian agents to ply his accusations of a Democratic and “deep state” conspiracy against him.

Trump pointed to the yet-to-be-released results of the investigation that he ordered into his paranoid persecution complex, telling the public — in true reality show host fashion  — to stay tuned to be amazed by the findings and casually throwing out his canny speculation that former President Obama was directly involved in the conspiracy against his campaign.

Trump’s revisionist history includes turning the tables on Democrats by accusing them of treating the Republicans “very unfairly,” the same Republicans who deprived President Obama of his right to nominate a Supreme Court Justice and held endless fruitless investigations into his opponent in the campaign, Hillary Clinton.

The depth of Trump’s self-protecting delusions was most notably demonstrated by his rejection of the findings of his own intelligence agencies about the fact it was Russia that was behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee servers in favor of his crackpot hypothesis that Ukraine and the DNC themselves were behind the entire incident and by his insistent demands to see the server that was hacked so he can prove his theory that has as much legitimacy as the idea that the earth is flat.

Hopefully, impeachment proceedings will eventually rid us of the need to be subjected to the torrent of malignant lies, pitiful excuses, and false accusations that this president regularly utters. Until then, journalists will have to be vigilant in shining a light on the truth to pierce the veil of misinformation with which Trump tries to defend himself.

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