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Mick Mulvaney argues Trump has “no interest in profit” from G-7 while giving infomercial on Trump resort

Mick Mulvaney argues Trump has “no interest in profit” from G-7 while giving infomercial on Trump resort

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President Trump’s chief of staff Mick Mulvaney was trotted out this morning to announce that the next G-20 meeting of world leaders was going to be held at Trump’s Doral golf resort in Florida.

In a surreal press conference that featured the White House Chief of Staff providing an infomercial for the president’s property and a pre-emptive defense against accusations of emoluments clause violations, Mulvaney insulted the intelligence of all those assembled when he claimed that the president had “no interest” in profiting from the events being held at his Florida resort.

Donald Trump’s entire presidency has characterized by constant attempts at grift and corruption, from the plans to the build a Trump Tower Moscow before the election ever took place to the out-of-way, exorbitantly expensive lodging of Air Force members at his Scottish golf resort. His daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner used the president’s name and image to sell visas to Chinese businessmen in exchange for investments in their companies, the President himself racks up hundreds of thousands of dollars in golf cart fees for his secret service agents, foreign dignitaries flock to the Trump International Hotel in Washington to get in the president’s good graces.

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The idea that he would be holding a major international conference featuring seven of the world’s most important leaders and their retinues at his resort and not expect to make any money is laughable, as is the idea that somehow this is not a violation of the Constitution just because he said it isn’t.

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This impeachment inquiry cannot be limited to just the President’s efforts to bully Ukraine into digging up dirt on his political enemies for him. This announcement by itself should be grounds for throwing him out office all by itself.

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