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Trump appoints Illuminati self-help author “Magus Incognito” to federal education board

Trump appoints Illuminati self-help author “Magus Incognito” to federal education board

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The presidency of Donald Trump has been characterized not only for its wild disrespect for any sort of ethical or legal guidelines but also for elevating the absolute worst candidates for every possible position. Whether it’s disqualifying and repulsive character flaws, radical and unhinged extremist positions, seriously unethical conflicts of interest, or a stunning lack of experience, the vast majority of the people Trump has hired or nominated are completely unfit for the job.

Three years into his presidency, he shows no signs of changing his ways as he has recently appointed — get ready for this one —  an author of Illuminati self-help and financial advice books to a federal education board.

George Mentz has written over 60 books with titles like  “The Law of Attraction & Prosperity Bible – The Illuminati Wealth Manifesto & Codex” and “The Illuminati Handbook – The Path of Illumination and Ascension.”

He appears to have an alter ego pen name, “Magus Incognito,” which he uses to peddle guides about the Rosicrucians and other medieval spiritual cults made famous in Dan Brown books.

The Magus Incognito is now a member of the Presidential Commission of Scholars.

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Ryan Grenoble at HuffPost reports “the group is tasked with selecting ‘presidential scholars’ from across the country, an honorific reserved for 161 high school seniors who “demonstrate exceptional accomplishments in academics, the arts, career and technical education and an outstanding commitment to public service.”

As with most of Trump’s education appointees, Mentz was rewarded for his donations. He’s given lots of his Illuminati bucks to Republican candidates and over $10,000 to Trump’s political action committee.

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You will not be surprised to learn that Mentz also runs a business called the “Global Academy of Finance and Management,” which will issue you a certificate with fancy-sounding titles of your choice for you to put on your resume for the low, low price, of $378.

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A grifter after Donald Trump’s own heart, this man will now be in charge of choosing which high school seniors deserve to be celebrated for their achievements. He’ll probably try to charge them $378 for the honor!

Original reporting by Ryan Grenoble at HuffPost.

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