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Trump slams Democrats in frustrated tweetstorm as his grand schemes collapse around him

Trump slams Democrats in frustrated tweetstorm as his grand schemes collapse around him

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Sunday evenings in the autumn are when people generally like to relax and watch new episodes of their favorite TV program or the premiere of an exciting new series.

Not Donald Trump.

For the president, this Sunday evening was reserved for reruns as he posted the endless laments about his self-inflicted political and legal woes for the umpteenth time.

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First, the cry baby chief executive blubbered on about just how unfair that his “perfect” phone call with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky — perfect to no one but Trump himself — was being used as the basis for an impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives that he is powerless to stop no matter how hard he tries to obstruct the investigation by refusing to allow executive branch officials to testify despite having received congressional subpoenas.

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That many of the officials wisely followed the advice of their personal lawyers rather than the White House Counsel or the Justice Department attorneys and gave their testimony to Congress nonetheless shows the futility and powerlessness that the president must now feel.

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That powerlessness was reflected in the aggrieved tone in his tweeted passel of lies and accusations against his opponents, the ravings of a cornered and guilty lunatic still attempting to gaslight America after the evidence of his criminality has been revealed to all in plain sight.

Trump’s refusal to accept his reality and his efforts to conjure an alternative universe where all the allegations he faces are hoaxes rather than the uncovering of his misdeeds demonstrate that he still believes that projecting his sins upon others will save his skin.

While the president asks many questions in his series of tweets, they all deserve the same answer — “No one believes a word you say anymore, so stop endlessly repeating your false accusations because you’re the one who needs to pay the price for your corruption.”

Having gotten his belly-aching over one impeachable offense out of the way, Trump went on to discuss another potentially impeachable offense that he narrowly avoided when he reversed his decision to violate the emoluments clause of the constitution and hold the annual G7 summit meeting at his own Doral Miami Golf Resort.

Trump complains that he gets no credit for the fact that he offered to hold the event at his property on a wholesale basis, oblivious to the fact that any business that would be funneled to the normally empty resort in Miami’s sweltering summer would improve the property’s cash flow and offer free marketing to the president’s own benefit.

Trump also seems to forget that it was not just the Democrats and the media who were apoplectic over his arrogant attempt to leverage his presidency to help his faltering resort, but that Republicans were equally aware that his effort was not “legally permissible.”

Like a dog who continues to snarl and bark after being disciplined for bad behavior, Donald Trump simply can’t let go of his grievances when his ill intentions and nefarious schemes are thwarted.

Perhaps we should be happy that he can vent his frustrations on Twitter. If he did so in the real world instead of the virtual space online, we might already be in the middle of World War III — that is if his Syrian misadventures haven’t already begun the slide into that conflict already.

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