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“We have secured the oil”: Trump reveals real reason for Kurdish betrayal in morning tweet

“We have secured the oil”: Trump reveals real reason for Kurdish betrayal in morning tweet

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Donald Trump this morning tweeted out a significant clue to the way his mind operates and how he views American foreign policy aims.

Quoting Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, the president used his social media platform to give his own official update on the crisis in Syria that he himself initiated by giving the green light to Turkish president Recep Erdoğan to send his forces into northern Syria and push out America’s former allies in the region, the Kurds. 

After an uproar over that hasty and unilateral decision from even his normally complacent Republican enablers— with the massacre of Kurds by the Turks and their allies leaving blood on the president’s hands — Trump scurried to send Vice President Mike Pence to Turkey to negotiate a cease-fire to try to minimize the fallout from his incendiary betrayal.

Now Trump is sending a self-serving progress report to say “Look, all fixed now” while at the same time, revealing his true thought processes in how he approaches the Middle East.

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“We have secured the oil.”

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In an era of climate crisis — where every thinking individual knows that a swift move away from fossil fuels is imperative for the future health of the planet and every life form that inhabits it — Trump is crowing about securing American control of oil reserves.

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With a world view stuck firmly in the nostalgiac past, the president is hopelessly forging America’s foreign policy in an antiquated mode since he sorely lacks the intellect and vision to imagine and initiate a sustainable path beyond the primacy of petroleum.

While the president brags about “Ending endless wars,” he simultaneously sends U.S. troops to protect the Saudi oil production facilities as mercenaries in an unprecedented act of treating the American military as disposable pawns in his global gambits.

Try as he might to coverup his foreign policy disaster with reassuring words, Trump has drastically altered the balance of power in the Middle East, left America’s credibility as an ally in tatters, and continues to prove that his vision of the nation and the world going forward is so hopelessly outmoded that it will only lead to more disasters and betrayals as that which he perpetuated on the Kurds in northern Syria.

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