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CNBC reporter reacts to Trump’s bonkers Cabinet meeting: “20 minutes of nonsense” which was “very sad actually”

CNBC reporter reacts to Trump’s bonkers Cabinet meeting: “20 minutes of nonsense” which was “very sad actually”

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Donald Trump is up against the ropes. As the impeachment inquiry escalates and he finds himself battered from all sides by criticisms of his ever-multiplying disastrous decisions, he’s been forced to rely more and more on baseless smears and unconvincing, overused insults. The man has run out of defenses for his corruption and incompetence and now seems to be capable of little more than whining about Democrats. His Cabinet meeting earlier today proved to be an embarrassing showcase for his mental and emotional unraveling as he was filmed ranting that it was he who captured ISIS and that the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution is “phony.”

Reactions to Trump’s bizarre meeting ranged from incredulity to concern for what appears to be accelerating presidential cognitive decline. CNBC’s John Harwood struck a balance between the two during an appearance on Velshi & Ruhle. He dismissed the content of Trump’s remarks, specifically those about his Doral property in Florida as “nonsense” and characterized the entire performance as “very sad.”

“I say it’s nonsense. And to be honest Steph, we just heard twenty minutes of nonsense from the president. It was very sad actually. He looked to me like somebody who understands his White House is in crisis, that he’s in over his head in this job,” said Harwood.

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He went on to say that even the GOP is starting to tire of President Trump and that some of them have taken to mocking him when he’s not around.

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“Not only do you have Democrats coming after him, you have career diplomats, you have Republicans who are fed up with defending him. Privately. they make fun of him behind his back,” said Harwood. “His own former officials don’t respect him. This is a situation where a president is trying to justify the picture that exists in his head, that needs to exist in his head of an all-powerful and all-efficient guy who’s doing such a great job,” explained Harwood before going on to shred some of the president’s more egregious lies about his properties and his own business acumen.

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Harwood’s level-headed analysis is spot on. President Trump is falling apart before our very eyes. The only question now is how much damage we as a nation are going to allow him to inflict on our institutions and global reputation before he’s removed from office. Impeachment is the only rational way forward and, failing that, he must be voted out in 2020 by a large enough margin to send a message to the world that Trumpism is not what America stands for.

Watch the clip here.

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