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Trump slams the “phony” Constitutional clause that keeps him from profiting off his presidency

Trump slams the “phony” Constitutional clause that keeps him from profiting off his presidency

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While the president has abandoned his kleptocratic scheme to host the G7 summit at the Trump National Doral Miami due to widespread backlash over such a blatant attempt to funnel even more tax dollars into his pocket, he hasn’t given up whining about it yet.

Trump has made it abundantly clear that he feels entitled to exploit the sacred powers of his office to enrich himself, his children, and his gangsterish administration cronies. We are witnessing a wholesale plundering of our national treasury, to say nothing of the countless millions pouring into Trump Organization establishments around the world. Foreign governments realized quickly that they could dump money into Trump’s lap by patronizing his properties with the obvious goal of gaining favor and leverage over the president. There’s no way to know for sure how much our adversaries have managed to influence Trump through this thinly veiled form of bribery, but it should be a cause for concern for every American.

By any reasonable estimate and according to numerous pending lawsuits, Trump has long been in violation of the Emoluments Clause, the statute in the Constitution which bars federal officials from receiving gifts and payments from foreign states. During a Cabinet meeting earlier today, Trump dismissed criticisms of his corruption as related to the “phony Emoluments Clause,” showcasing a stunning disregard for the Constitution he’s sworn to uphold.

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It’s worth pointing out that if a Democrat were to make such an anti-American statement the conservative media apparatus would immediately go nuclear screeching for resignation but since it’s the Grand Marshal of the MAGA Movement who’s smearing our founding document, it’s safe to presume Fox and the lesser right-wing outlets will remain silent. At this point, it truly appears that there is no degradation this man can inflict on our democracy that his proxy propagandists won’t slaveringly defend.

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Channeling all of the self-pity and grievance we’ve come to expect from him, Trump then went from maligning the Constitution to claiming that being president has cost him “two to five billion dollars,” a number which he almost certainly conjured out of thin air. The truth is that the Trump Organization has been making money hand over fist since 2016 and any damage done to the brand’s image has almost certainly been offset several times over by the influx of foreign dark money.

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As usual, barring some kind of evidence, it’s safest to presume that Trump is lying once again to protect himself. The man doesn’t have any real scrap of patriotism in his body and views the presidency as nothing more than an opportunity to accumulate personal power and wealth. He is a disgrace to the Oval Office and makes the case for his own impeachment every time he opens his mouth.

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