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Trump whines that the G7 would have been “free” at his golf resort after abandoning his scheme to host it there

Trump whines that the G7 would have been “free” at his golf resort after abandoning his scheme to host it there

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Over the weekend, Donald Trump called off his scheme to host the G7 summit at the Trump National Doral Miami in Florida after the transparent moneymaking plan was met with a wave of criticism. True to character, the president refused to admit he was wrong for planning such a kleptocratic event in the first place and instead slammed the “Media & Democrat Crazed and Irrational Hostility” for forcing him to abandon the Doral as a location.

The humiliating episode is still clearly weighing on him because this morning Trump took to Twitter to whine that his property would have been the “best place” to hold the G-7 and that it would have been “free.” The second claim is ridiculous based on everything we know about this slimy, greedy man.

Since he was first sworn into office Trump has been diverting American tax dollars directly into his businesses, never once demonstrating a desire to provide anything for free. There is absolutely no reason to believe that the Doral wouldn’t have been used to siphon money not only from Americans but also from the foreign taxpayers footing the bills for their leaders’ visits. After all, this is a man who has managed to blow through over $110,000,000 of our money on golfing alone.

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Trump blamed his decision to alter the hosting location on the fact that his administration was getting “too much heat from the Do Nothing Radical Left Democrats & their Partner, the Fake News Media,” as pathetic an excuse as one can imagine. He’s so deeply buried beneath his own incompetence and corruption that he’s been reduced to hurling inane buzzwords. Plus, if the Democrats really are “Do Nothing” they wouldn’t have managed to pressure him to abandon the Doral in the first place. Even his insults have ceased making sense.

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The president ended his pathetic pity party by saying that he’s surprised he’s been allowed to give up his “$400,000 Plus Presidential Salary.” While it’s true that he has donated his salary for the past few years, the move amounts to nothing more than a cheap PR move. The salary is nothing when compared to the countless millions of dollars that he’s managed to divert directly into his pockets and which continues to flow into his businesses from foreign governments hoping to curry favor with him.

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Trump has been abusing the Oval Office to enrich himself and his family since day one and any claim to the contrary should be mocked and dismissed out of hand.

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