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FOX’s Napolitano: Sorry Republicans, the hearing rules Schiff is following were written by you

FOX’s Napolitano: Sorry Republicans, the hearing rules Schiff is following were written by you

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A top Fox News commentator just stunned the hosts of Fox & Friends by ripping Republican talking points about the House impeachment inquiry to shreds with a revelatory statement. (video embedded below)

Fox’s legal expert Judge Andrew Napolitano has emerged as one of the few voices defending the facts on his network, and today he revealed the real reason why House Democrats are able to hold closed depositions for the impeachment inquiry into the president’s abuse of power.

“I’ll tell you what I did for you, Kilmeade,” said Napolitano to the Fox & Friends co-host who said ‘ok’ meekly in reply. “I read the House rules. And as frustrating as it may be to have these hearings going on behind closed doors; the hearings over which Congressman Adam Schiff is presiding. They are consistent with the rules.”

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“They can make any rules they want?” interjected Kilmeade hopefully, setting up false House Republican talking points.

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“Well, they can’t change the rules, they follow the rules,” replied Judge “Nap” who then decided to drop the bomb on who really wrote the rules that House Democrats are following to depose impeachment inquiry witnesses in closed-door sessions. He continued:

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“And when were the rules written last? In January 2015,” said Napolitano “And who signed them? [Former GOP Speaker] John Boehner [R-OH].

“And who enacted them? A Republican majority,” he concluded.

“The rules say, this initial level of inquiry can be done in secret,” said the former New Jersey judge, who has recently drawn lie-filled public criticism from the President.

That’s right, it was House Republicans who engaged in a multi-year quest to abuse the powers of Congress to engage in baseless investigations with ever-increasing consequences. Under Speaker Boehner, the House weaponized its subpoena powers when it expanded Oversight Committee Chairman’s unilateral subpoena power by extending it to fourteen committees.

Closed-door depositions were used extensively in the House GOP’s Select Benghazi panel. Ludicrously, that led to the GOP’s top witch hunter, former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), rightfully kicking out their former Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) from a closed-door deposition, which resulted into a public spat that was caught on camera.

But Judge Napolitano wasn’t finished.

“What happened in the Nixon impeachment? My former boss, I was his page in the House of Representatives, [former Rep.] Peter Rodino [R-NJ],” Napolitano explained to a shocked and listless group of hosts on the couch to his right. “Instead of holding the hearings in secret, he interviewed the witnesses in secret. Not by the committee, but by the staff. [Former Rep.] Henry Hyde [R-IL], same thing in the Clinton impeachment. Witnesses were interviewed in secret, then presented in public.”

“Congressman Schiff with a different set of rules, chooses to do the initial interviews in secret,” explained the Fox legal analyst. “Eventually there will be a public presentation of this, at which lawyers for the president can cross-examine these people and challenge them.”

Napolitano concluded that the House’s impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s quid pro quos for election help with taxpayer money appropriated for Ukraine “is like presenting a case to a grand jury, and that’s never done in public.”

In an ironic twist, multiple House Democrat sources just told CNN that the President and his House Republican allies are about to get their wish when they begin public impeachment inquiry hearings early next months.

The presidential impeachment inquiry took on an extraordinarily higher level of gravity following the explosive testimony of American Ambassador to Ukraine, Bill Taylor, on Tuesday.

Then yesterday, House Republicans barged into a Sensitive, Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) with President Trump’s knowledge and support in order to try and stop the inquiry, while baselessly claiming that closed-door depositions are wrong.

Now, even Fox News isn’t allowing the Trump-inspired, House Republican charade to continue any longer with Judge Napolitano’s accurate and forceful rebuttal of the GOP’s lie-filled talking points about the impeachment inquiry that looks almost certain to lead to a trial in the Senate, where even most of the Republican members are clamming up in anticipation of sitting in judgment over a legal proceeding that could remove the President.

Here is the video of Judge Napolitano explaining how the impeachment inquiry is following the rules House Republicans implemented in 2015 against which they now rebel:

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