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Trump heaps praise on House Republicans after they invaded and disrupted impeachment hearing

Trump heaps praise on House Republicans after they invaded and disrupted impeachment hearing

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President Trump took to Twitter on Thursday morning and praised House Republicans the day after they bum-rushed a secure impeachment hearing deposition and threw a disgraceful tantrum on his behalf.

Making it clear that he was in full approval of their appalling violation of the integrity of the oversight process and the violation of just about every security code on the books, Trump thanked them for being “tough, smart, and understanding” about the “greatest witch hunt in American history.”

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His tweet can only be seen as an extremely unsubtle nudge-wink-thumbs up to the House Republicans and an encouragement for them to continue doing whatever they can to obstruct justice and keep the levers of accountability from functioning.

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On Wednesday morning, a gaggle of House Republicans led by head jester Matt Gaetz (R-FL) invaded a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility in which the assistant deputy Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper was set to be deposed as part of the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

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Decrying the impeachment proceedings as a “sham,” the rambunctious herd of around 30 Freedom Caucus churls barged their way into the hearing in order to physically obstruct justice from being carried out. They began hooting and baying to announce their displeasure, trampling all protocol and their own dignity under their hooves while breaching security left and right, with some even having the gall to take pictures and tweet from the restricted area.

Bloomberg reported that the President had “advance knowledge and supported” the disgraceful display of hooliganism that was enacted on his behalf this morning. Last night, Trump met with the Freedom Caucus to “discuss” the impeachment proceedings and to plot a counter-attack.

It is beyond infuriating to see the same smug jackals who decried the protestors at accused sexual assailant and shameless perjurer Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing as an “unruly mob” now adopt the thuggish strong-arm tactics of a tinpot autocracy. The implications are similarly disturbing for the future of these hearings, as today’s little stunt shows a remarkable willingness to throw every rule, norm, and protocol out the window in order to protect the Republican stranglehold on power.

With this kind of encouragement from the President, it’s clear that it’s only a matter of time before they try to do it again — and this time, we need to be ready.

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