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Trump: I don’t need an impeachment defense team, “I’m the team!”

Trump: I don’t need an impeachment defense team, “I’m the team!”

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President Trump is handling impeachment about as well as the most incompetent, ignorant, scatterbrained president in history can be expected to. His administration has yet to mount any kind of convincing defense in the face of the escalating inquiry and at this point it seems all but certain that he will be impeached in the House of Representatives.

It’s now clear that Trump tried to abuse his position as leader of the most powerful country in the world to convince the government of Ukraine to open a damaging, trumped-up investigation into possible 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden. In order to give himself leverage over the Ukrainian president, Trump held up hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to the Eastern European country, which is still involved in a deadly hot war with Russia. One struggles to come up with a more flagrant abuse of power. If this behavior isn’t a legitimate cause for impeachment then nothing is.

Today, Trump addressed reporters outside the White House and made it apparent that he is not taking this impeachment inquiry as seriously as he should be. Any rational president would have by now assembled an all-star legal team to help him through this difficult process. Those attorneys, in turn, would have long ago rolled out an ironclad PR defense. Instead, Trump says he doesn’t need a team at all.

“Here’s the thing. I don’t have teams. Everyone’s talking about teams. I’m the team! I did nothing wrong,” the president, who is not an attorney, said.

Beyond the obviously funny element to his clueless bravado, the comments also reveal how deep the president’s delusions run. He doesn’t seem to understand the precarious nature of his current position which, all things considered, is probably good news for the country. If he persists in handling impeachment this nonchalantly, his chances of being removed from office skyrocket.

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