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Trump tries to tweet to Apple’s CEO to complain about new iPhone

Trump tries to tweet to Apple’s CEO to complain about new iPhone

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The leader of the free world, commander-in-chief of Earth’s most powerful military, guardian of the U.S. Constitution, president of the world’s greatest democracy has some important thoughts he’d like to share with us all: the new iPhone swipe feature just isn’t his cup of tea.

As his administration bends and folds beneath the increasing pressure of his impeachment inquiry, Donald Trump took the time to address Tim Cook (who the president mistakenly referred to as “Tim Apple” in the past) on Twitter. He informed the CEO of the tech giant that “The Button” on older versions of the iPhone was “FAR better” than the new swipe feature.

The president’s complaint centers around the updated interface utilized by the iPhone X and XI. Rather than the tactile home button that older generations have, the newer versions of Apple’s incredibly popular phone use a touch interface. Clearly, Trump finds this update so unsatisfactory that he felt the need to blast his thoughts out to his 66 million+ Twitter followers.

Perhaps his little fingers simply aren’t adept enough to use the newer phones, or maybe the sweat that presumably coats them as his presidency implodes around him makes it impossible for him to interact with the touch screen.

Whatever the reason, the fact that he took time out of his day to whine like a petulant child on Christmas who discovers they haven’t received the gift they wanted demonstrates once again how completely out of whack this president’s priorities are. It’s as genuinely funny as it is pathetic.

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Unfortunately for our tech-illiterate president, he failed to tag Tim Cook (@tim_cook) in his tweet. That said, the explosion of mockery around his complaint is quickly gaining steam and it’s surely only a matter of time before Cook learns of it.

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As is so often the case when Trump tweets out something as abjectly moronic as this, jokes at his expense immediately began pouring in.

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