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Fox & Friends appears to edit out booing of Trump from World Series video

Fox & Friends appears to edit out booing of Trump from World Series video

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Donald Trump attended Game 5 of the World Series last night, perhaps expecting a hero’s welcome since just earlier that day he’d announced the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS and the most infamous terrorist in the world. His appearance at the game should have been a victory lap. Instead, the widely despised president was met with jeers, boos, and chants of “lock him up!”

Video captured the humiliating moment when Trump realized what was going on, and his expression can be seen visibly souring. Despite his displeasure (or more accurately because of it) the crowd did the right thing. This man should be shamed every time he goes out in public.

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Fox News covered the event today and clearly the obsequious hosts were uncomfortable discussing what really happened. Media Matters reports that it appears that Fox & Friends edited out the boos to make it look like, if not greeted warmly, the president was at least not met with mass derision.

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“The president and first lady were at the game last night. They got there right around the time that it started and they stayed a pretty long time. They were greeted with mixed reaction but they were out there smiling, waving to everybody as you can see in the crowd. So that’s what happened right around game time, let’s take you into the top of the second inning right now and show you some of that action,” Jillian Mele said to the hosts. As the clips above show, there really wasn’t much about the reaction that was “mixed.” Almost the entire stadium can be heard booing.

Of course, the idea that Trump is hated simply doesn’t fit into the conservative fantasy that Fox is serving up, so it makes sense that they would stoop to misrepresenting the reception he received. There is something distinctly Orwellian about all of this. Fox is trying to reshape reality and convince us that what we can see and hear with our own eyes didn’t really happen.

Check out the clip below.

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