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Twitter explodes in mockery as Giuliani uses the killing of “Ben Laden” to boost Trump

Twitter explodes in mockery as Giuliani uses the killing of “Ben Laden” to boost Trump

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Rudy Giuliani, the comically incompetent attorney for President Donald J. Trump, is worried that the boss who he so obsequiously (and likely criminally) serves isn’t getting enough credit for the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The infamous terrorist killed himself by detonating a suicide vest when U.S. forces, authorized by Trump, executed a daring raid on his Syrian hideout this past weekend.  While the death of a man responsible for mass murder and widespread misery is certainly a victory for the world, American military and intelligence officials have since revealed that the raid was successful despite Trump, not because of him. What should have been a major feather in the president’s cap has become yet another reminder of how deeply unfit he is to be commander-in-chief.

Angry that the president hasn’t been receiving the kind of fawning news coverage he so desperately desires, Giuliani took to Twitter yesterday and told his followers to contrast the killing of Baghdadi with the killing of Osama Bin Laden under the Obama administration.

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Except he didn’t write Bin Laden.  Giuliani tweeted about the killing of “Ben Laden,” a person who never existed and who certainly wasn’t eliminated by the U.S. military.

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Beyond the embarrassing typo and the habitual lack of attention to detail it reveals, the comparison is a patently silly one. While Baghdadi was certainly a vile, evil man, many Americans didn’t even know his name until the raid was carried out. Osama bin Laden was responsible for the worst terror attack on American soil in history. His name loomed large in the American psyche for years and years before he finally faced justice at the end of a Navy Seal’s gun barrel. It’s not some big conspiracy against Trump that’s stopping people from giving him more credit, it’s just that Baghdadi’s death doesn’t even come close in terms of emotional and psychological gravity to that of Bin Laden.

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There is added irony that it was Rudy Giuliani of all people who made this spelling mistake, given that prior to his descent into disgrace under the Trump administration, he was best known as the mayor who shepherded New York City through the trauma of 9/11. Giuliani has since deleted the tweet but as everyone should know by now, screenshots always survive. Despite his scrubbing, Giuliani’s tweet has gone viral as a target of Twitter mockery.

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