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Don Jr. publicly tries to smear war hero veteran to discredit his impeachment testimony

Don Jr. publicly tries to smear war hero veteran to discredit his impeachment testimony

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His father trained him well, perhaps the only thing he’s ever done well.

When Donald Trump Jr. opens his mouth, the same reprehensible torrent of self-serving lies and evidence-free attacks on the president’s political rivals spews forth as it does when his father bloviates.

Today the president’s entitled spawn aimed his puerile vitriol at a patriotic decorated military veteran with a Purple Heart to his credit simply because he had the temerity to tell the truth about the extent of Donald Trump Sr.’s attempts to extort the Ukranian government into cooperating with his illegal efforts to seek foreign assistance in yet another U.S. election.

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The dutiful son made his way onto the accommodating airwaves of Fox News’ Fox & Friends to unjustifiably smear Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman — the star witness of yesterday’s Congressional impeachment hearings — of being a “leftist” and to accuse Democrats of being disingenuous in their portrayal of the National Security Council member as “beyond reproach.”

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Just like his father, Trump Jr. offered no evidence to back up any of his accusations beyond his own outraged hubris.

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“They do the usual thing, they bring in another guy that they believe is beyond reproach. Like they did with Mueller,” Donald Jr. told the Fox & Friends hosts. “It was a joke. So now they’ll do it with this guy. …Now it turns out he’s talking to the Ukraine or he wanted to edit [the] transcript,” he continued.

Trump continued his factually unsupported attack on the man who valued telling the truth about Trump administration corruption more than his future career prospects on the NSC with another opinionated, yet fact-free, diatribe about Vindman and his testimony a bit later in the broadcast.

“You only get total absolution if you are a leftist veteran. Not a veteran, just a leftist. If you’re on their side, you can do no wrong,” said the president’s son with a straight face, despite actually describing his own — and his father’s — attitude towards their own lawless behavior.

At this point, Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade must have had a flashback to something he once read in a book about objectivity in journalism and interjected:

“But we don’t know if he’s a leftist.”

“Oh yeah, of course. Sure,” the dutiful presidential son responded dismissively.

After the president and his allies spent weeks attacking the allegations brought forward by a whistleblower about the improprieties in Trump’s call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky as mere hearsay, yesterday’s testimony by Lt. Col. Vindman devastated their line of attack since the NSC director was on the line during the call and revealed that the rough “transcript” of the conversation was missing key elements that he heard while listening in.

As the man who demolished Trump’s false and feeble proclamation of the phone call as “perfect,” Lt. Col. Vindman is the new target of a coordinated campaign of defamation by the administration and its allies.

As a man of principle with a patriotic dedication to the democratic values of a nation that he served honorably while on active duty military service in Iraq —where he earned his Purple Heart after being wounded by a roadside bomb — Lt. Col. Vindman deserves better than the hypocritical attacks being waged by the mobsters in the Trump cabal otherwise known as the Republican party.

As an entitled scion with no discernible accomplishments of his own to point to — just like his father before him — Donald Trump Jr. has no standing to criticize Vindman, particularly when his accusations are as baseless as his soul is empty.

You can watch Donald Trump Jr. embarrass himself on Fox & Friends in the video excerpt below.

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Original reporting by John Bowden at The Hill.

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