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Republicans try to prank Dems after impeachment vote and cause a Capitol security incident

Republicans try to prank Dems after impeachment vote and cause a Capitol security incident

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It’s only a matter of time before Donald Trump faces the humiliating and politically damaging reality of being impeached in the House of Representatives. As of today, the House has officially voted to proceed with its impeachment inquiry. Naysayers be damned, Speaker Pelosi has proven herself to be the perfect figure for the Trump era. At every turn, she has exhibited the steadfastness, courage, and political knowhow that this country so desperately needs if it is to survive the worst president in American history. Perhaps not surprisingly, Donald Trump’s party is taking it poorly.

Earlier today, the National Republican Congressional Committee decided it had a sense of humor outside supporting a clown for president. According to Fox’s Chad Pergram the NRCC sent “moving boxes” to Democratic officials they deem vulnerable going into the 2020 election. Rather than cowing before the cheap intimidation tactics though, the Dems allowed the USCP to remove them as “suspicious packages,” which of course they were. Pergram says the targeted Democrats have decided to fill the boxes with food for the needy, once again demonstrating the stark difference between the two parties.

Add your name to tell Congress to investigate Pence for his role in Trump’s Ukraine corruption. The VP is complicit!

It turns out that the GOP’s worries don’t end with embarrassment though. Politico’s Sarah Ferris reports that the Capitol Police are now investigating the packages. It’s as yet unclear how this little episode will play out, but it’s certainly a reminder that the GOP has little respect for the law and less respect for law enforcement. Trump will be impeached and everyone who has tied their name to him will be remembered as traitors to the Republic, regardless of what they do now.

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This cheap little stunt is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars as well as a signal of increasing desperation from a party that realizes it’s up against the ropes. It’s childish and it will have no effect on things. Frankly, it’s pathetic.

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