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Can’t keep track of Trump’s impeachable offenses? One Twitter user provided a handy list

Can’t keep track of Trump’s impeachable offenses? One Twitter user provided a handy list

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The vast extent of Donald Trump’s corruption, extortion, and abuse of power — among his numerous other crimes — often makes it difficult to keep track of all of the offenses for which he can rightfully be impeached.

Luckily, one Twitter denizen, Andrew Wortman, went to the trouble of making a well-researched thread that compiles 100 of those offenses into one handy thread for your reference in case you run into any clueless supporter of the president who questions the legitimacy of the House Democrats impeachment inquiry.

Here we present the first 50 items on his meticulously annotated list and strongly urge you to visit his Twitter feed to view the rest of the reasons he’s compiled.

Add your name to tell Congress to investigate Pence for his role in Trump’s Ukraine corruption. The VP is complicit!

Thanks go out to Andrew Wortman, a self-described “proud gay man, civil-rights champion & outspoken badboy of #TheResistance,” who has vowed to continue to document Trump’s impeachable offenses until “he’s gone.” We can expect the list to extend even further as the Trump administration continues.

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For some reason, #7 on Wortman’s list has been deleted but a review of the thread reader rollup of the original posts reveals it to have been this post.

#7.) Trump has committed felony campaign finance crimes, detailed by the Southern District of New York (SDNY)…

Remember, if you’re not already convinced that the criminally corrupt, extortionate abuser of power derserves to be impeached after reading this list, there are still 50 more reasons to consider beginning here.

Thanks again to Andrew Wortman for all the hard work and research that went into compiling this list.

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