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Don Jr. reveals his dad told him to stop tweeting and that he was “too hot on the social”

Don Jr. reveals his dad told him to stop tweeting and that he was “too hot on the social”

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If there has been one truly defining detail of the Trump presidency and his oozing stranglehold on the American public’s attention, it is the use of his Twitter account as a platform from which to address the nation and the world.

From his desk in the Oval Office — or, more likely, the comfort of the chair in which he watches television — his stubby little fingers can send markets tanking and provoke panic with one ill-advised and ill-informed push of a button. In the course of the 11,000 or so tweets that Donald Trump has sent out over the past three years, he has promoted wildly racist conspiracy theories, waged childish feuds against dozens of critics, relentlessly attacked the credibility of the free press, caused international incidents, plugged crank radio shows and books, and fired off thousands upon thousands of lies.

The president’s behavior online is an absolute disgrace to the office that he holds, but as if the entire situation wasn’t absurd enough already, it appears that Donald Trump is quite critical when it comes to other people’s Twitter habits — especially his own son’s.

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The president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., has taken to social media as enthusiastically as his father has, desperately hoping for that prized @realDonaldTrump retweet and the validation that accompanies it.

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But it appears that the president is not too appreciative of his efforts. On Tuesday morning, Don Jr. told the hosts of FOX and Friends that his father told him to “stop tweeting” because he was getting “a little hot on the social.”

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“There were a couple of times…Took me 41 years to realize I’m probably a lot more like him than we ever thought. And backed into a corner, we fight. But every once in a while I get that call, ‘hey, you’re getting a little hot on social,'” said Don Jr. to Stepford host Brian Kilmeade. He even offered a little pushback to his dad, saying “I will take your advice on anything … [except this]. This may be the one place where I’m going to say, I’m on my own.”

It is breathtaking how depressing it must be for Don Jr. to hear his father be so critical of his posting habits when all he wants is to walk in his father’s footsteps and earn his approval. But it is extremely funny for the rest of us, as it’s yet another reminder that the president seemingly hates his male children. His derision is a just reward for Don Jr.’s quest for Donald’s approval on social media, which has driven him to a vehement embrace of the worst parts of his father’s political ideology.

The Trump scion relishes taking every disgustingly racist thing his father says to the next level, whether it’s comparing immigrants to zoo animals, Syrian refugees to poisoned Skittles, women to “herding mothers” or actively promoting neo-Nazi dog whistles — and all he gets in return is his dad telling him that he’s posted cringe and to log off.

While it won’t make up one bit for the pain and suffering that the Trump family has inflicted on this nation, we can certainly draw a little schadenfreude from the internal anguish of Donald Trump Jr.

 Original reporting by John Bowden.

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