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Mexico’s president publicly rejects Trump’s offer to “wage WAR” against Mexican drug cartels

Mexico’s president publicly rejects Trump’s offer to “wage WAR” against Mexican drug cartels

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Last night, at least 9 dual U.S./Mexican citizens were murdered in Mexico in what CNN describes as a possible case of mistaken identities. The Mormon victims included four children, two infants, and three women. Some were shot and burned alive and 7 children were injured and have been flown to American hospitals. The killers are said to have been members of criminal organizations, presumably drug cartels.

The horrific incident has already got the attention of President Trump, and he took to Twitter this morning to relay the information of the ambush to his followers before stating that the United States would be willing to help in “cleaning out these monsters” and will get the job done “quickly and effectively” if the President of Mexico is interested in using the American military to fight back. He went on to explicitly make an offer for the U.S.A. to join up with Mexico to “wage WAR” on the cartels to “wipe them off the face off the earth.”

While these killings certainly deserve the attention of the American president, the suggestion of what would amount to a full-scale invasion of our southern neighbor is simply untenable. Such a violent, large-scale operation would almost certainly lead to widespread bloodshed and collateral damage to the civilian population and could quickly transform all of Mexico into a bombed-out warzone.

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If Trump really wants to end the violence he’d be better off adjusting the failed policies of the War on Drugs. Without a thriving black market for narcotics in the United States, the cartels would be starved of income and shrivel up.

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Furthermore, it’s impossible to take Trump’s offer as one made in good faith given the dehumanizing rhetoric he repeatedly employs when discussing undocumented Mexican immigrants in the United States. If the victims of last night’s mass murder hadn’t held dual citizenship it’s likely Trump wouldn’t have even mentioned these killings.

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It’s also worth noting that this Twitter response is far more active and outraged than anything he says in the wake of any of the numerous mass shootings constantly occurring domestically. Of course, those killers are almost always white whereas the killers this time were most likely Mexican. The former is ignored because there’s no racial element for him to exploit and because he’s beholden to the NRA and gun fetishists. We simply do not see a parity in reaction here.

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Now, The Hill reports that Mexico’s Presiden Andrés Manuel López Obrador has officially and bluntly stated that his government has no interest in Trump’s offer of all-out war.

“It’s not in agreement with our convictions. The worst thing is war,” Obrador said at a press conference.

While there are some criticisms of Obrador’s policies towards the drug cartels that make sense, one can hardly find fault with this decision here. Donald Trump is not a man you want to entrust the future of your nation to, especially if your nation is full of people of color who Trump has repeatedly demonstrated disdain towards. There is no great solution to this problem, but Trump is offering to make things even worse.

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