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Obama hails last night’s election victories as “lasting legacy” in indirect jab at Trump

Obama hails last night’s election victories as “lasting legacy” in indirect jab at Trump

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Democrats had a great night last night in numerous elections across the country in what many are interpreting as a supremely bad omen for the Trump administration come 2020.

Much to the chagrin of the GOP, the Republican Governor of Kentucky Matt Bevin was narrowly defeated by Democratic state Attorney General Andy Beshear despite the president campaigning heavily for the former.

Additionally, Democrats performed incredibly well in the key swing state of Pennsylvania which Trump won in 2020, sending yet another clear sign that his electoral path in the coming presidential election could prove insurmountable.  The Democrats also won a majority in the Virginia General Assembly and the state Senate. In short: Republicans should be very worried.

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Now, former President Barack Obama has taken to Twitter in celebration. He stated that he’s proud of the American voters who took to the polls yesterday to elect “a set of hopeful, forward-thinking leaders primed to protected Medicaid, draw fair voting maps, and reduce gun violence.” Obama summarized yesterday overall as a “great night for our country” and promised that it will prove to have a “lasting legacy.”

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It’s not difficult to figure out what he means by that last part. For many, the divided and disastrous Trump era has deeply shaken their faith in the United States and caused them to question their fundamental assumptions about what it means to be American. Obama seems to be saying that there is a light at this end of this tunnel, that America can still fulfill its core promises once this long nightmare finally ends.

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The damage inflicted by this administration can be undone and together we can build a bright future for all people. The key is that we have to keep voting. The future of the Republic lies firmly in our hands. Vote in 2020 and vote in your local elections and ensure your friends and family do the same.

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