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Don Jr’s new book compares the sacrifices of veterans to the loss of “millions of dollars” his family “suffered”

Don Jr’s new book compares the sacrifices of veterans to the loss of “millions of dollars” his family “suffered”

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The Trump family is infamous for their breathtaking self-absorption and stunning inability to feel empathy for others, but every once in a while one of them makes a remark so stunningly insensitive that it leaves you dumbfounded.

The president’s son, Don Jr., has recently published a “book” that he allegedly “wrote,” entitled Triggered : How The Left Thrives Off Hate And Wants To Silence Us. While the pages and pages of tired and trite right-wing grievance porn are meant to endear him to his readers through ties of shared delusions of persecution, one passage, in particular, makes it clear that Don Jr. just as much as a narcissistic and avaricious sociopath as his father is.

A visit to Arlington National Cemetary and viewing the graves of those who have died in service to this nation was so moving that it made the “rarely emotional” Don Jr. think of sacrifice — not their sacrifices, of course, but the “sacrifice” of the millions of dollars that his family would had to “give up” since his father won the presidency.

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The messianic sense of self-righteousness would be hilarious if it weren’t so deeply offensive. While their behavior makes it obvious, is extremely rare to see a member of the oligarchy articulate quite so clearly that their money is more important to them than the lives of their fellow Americans. According to Don Jr., having to face public backlash for deliberately traumatizing thousands of immigrant children by tearing them from their families and throwing them into abusive concentration camps is exactly like taking bullets to face on the beaches of Normandy.

How thankful we should be that the magnanimous Trump Organization begrudgingly and resentfully gave up their “international deals” in a passing nod to basic standards of ethics! Of course, it’s not even remotely true. The entire Trump presidency has been spent trying to funnel taxpayer dollars into the Trump organization and all three of the Trump children have been involved in overseas deals since Trump arrived in the Oval Office.

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We can imagine you must be shocked to know that the “stoic and emotionless” Don Jr., is upset that the media didn’t “give them credit” for something the Trump family certainly hasn’t done. It must have been truly taxing to a modern Spartan like DJTJ to break down and write an entire book about how people are being mean to his family, but somehow he managed to do it.

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The fact that now both the elder Trump and the younger Trump have both compared losing their money to losing lives in service of their country makes it more obvious than ever that the right-wing doesn’t actually care about any of the preposterous rah-rah patriotic hypernationalism they spout beyond its utility as a talking point to use against liberals. The right-wing victimhood complex truly knows no bounds.


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