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Trump erupts on wild ten-tweet spree: “We don’t have freedom of the press!”

Trump erupts on wild ten-tweet spree: “We don’t have freedom of the press!”

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By the look of it, Donald Trump had a rough morning. The president clambered out of bed and rather than focusing on any of the myriad affairs of state entrusted to him, shot out ten aggrieved tweets, hitting his followers with a rambling, incoherent string of consciousness.

The president started the tweetstorm by claiming that, contrary to a new report from The Washington Post, Attorney General William Barr did not refuse his demand for him to hold a press conference to exonerate Trump over his now-infamous Ukraine call.  Allegedly, Trump requested through a string of intermediaries that Barr tell the public that he didn’t break any laws during the call.

Trump called the report a “Fake Washington Post con job” and insisted that the Post’s source doesn’t even exist. He then told his followers to “read the Transcript” which he keeps doing, presumably because he thinks his supporters are too lazy to do it. If they did, they’d see his guilt laid out plainly in black and white, with him asking the Ukrainian President for the “favor” of opening a damaging investigation into Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 election.

He stated that the DOJ has said the call was “good” and ended with the absurd and confusing statement that “We don’t have freedom of the press!”

Add your name to tell Congress to investigate Pence for his role in Trump’s Ukraine corruption. The VP is complicit!

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We, of course, do have freedom of the press as it’s codified in the Constitution.  It’s unclear exactly what he was trying to get across with this sentence in particular, but he has repeatedly demonstrated that he has no respect for the free press and the responsibility it has in keeping government power accountable and in check. Suffice to say, it was a deeply inappropriate comment for a president to make.

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By the next tweet, Trump appeared to have worked himself into an even greater state of agitation and slammed The Washington Post as “degenerate” and said that they “MADE UP” the Barr story and that they have no sources. It should hardly have to be pointed out by now that anyone who is taking the word of serial liar Donald Trump over the Post—the publication which helped publish the Pentagon Papers and broke the Watergate Story—is a willingly ignorant fool.

He repeated his urging for people to read the transcript. You can do so here, although the president almost certainly doesn’t really want you to.

The president then gave yet another unconvincing attempt to smear the whistleblower who originally exposed the Ukraine scandal. He stated that “information released last night about the Whistleblowers [sic] attorney” means the “Impeachment Hoax” should end immediately. Presumably, he was referring to the latest obsession of the right-wing media machine which centers around some tweets the whistleblower’s attorney made in 2017 predicting a “coup” against Trump.

The attorney has clarified that he simply meant Trump would inevitably end up “stepping over the line” and would be subsequently removed from office in a lawful manner. In any case, the tweets are completely irrelevant to this impeachment inquiry as they have no absolutely no bearing whatsoever on what Trump did. He tried to strongarm a foreign leader into hurting a political opponent by using frozen military aid as leverage. No random old tweets change that face. He must be impeached.

After that, we got a bit more of his lazy efforts to redirect attention to Joe Biden’s son Hunter to take heat off himself.

Trump then complained that he will get “NO LAWYER & NO DUE PROCESS” for the House’s upcoming impeachment which is incredibly ignorant on his part since impeachment is not a legal process but a political one.

Betraying more than a little insecurity, Trump next shared a meme touting a 50% approval rating found in a single poll. In reality, his approval is closer to 41.4% and his disapproval is at 54.3%. He is a deeply unpopular president.

Clearly unable to get it off his mind, he then launched another attack on The Washington Post’s Bill Barr story, and this one was no less pathetic.

Trump then claimed that the “Impeachment Hoax” is “already turning” against Democrats, a completely unfactual statement given that Democrats had a great string of election victories just this past Tuesday.

By the end of the tweets, he had run out of things to and so simply bragged about the stock market.

After trudging through all of these lie-ridden tweets from the so-called “Leader of the Free World” one can’t help but look forward to 2020 even more eagerly. Finally, we’ll be able to evict this clown from the White House and vote in a President of the United States with not only some dignity, but sanity as well.

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