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A comedy duo changed the covers of Don Jr.’s book to read “Daddy, Please Love Me” at bookstore

A comedy duo changed the covers of Don Jr.’s book to read “Daddy, Please Love Me” at bookstore

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Donald Trump Jr. has been popping up on the talk shows recently to hawk his new book “Triggered” which is surprising not because of the incredibly unoriginal title, but because many people had assumed the infamously ignorant First Son couldn’t read.

Junior’s book (which is what we are forced to call it for lack of a better word) is by all accounts nothing more than the written form of the idiotic drivel he and his father are constantly spewing about how the left in this country is “fascist” and wants to destroy America. Like everything else this family does, it’s nothing but a cheap cash grab. MAGA heads will likely gobble this trash up and fall even deeper into the delusional world the Trumps have constructed for them.

Luckily, at least something entertaining has ended up coming from Trump Jr.’s assault on the English language. Comedy group The Good Liars infiltrated a bookstore and replaced the book jackets for “Triggered” with fake ones so that the title pages read “Daddy, Please Love Me: How Everything I do is to try to earn my father’s love.” The comedians shared an image of the prank on Twitter and it’s every bit as funny as it sounds.

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Much of Trump Jr.’s public persona revolves around the perception that he is desperately striving to get his father’s attention and affection at all times. It’s not hard to see why, given that Trump Sr. is a notoriously withholding man who rarely shows any kind of genuine affection for his children. The father’s cruel demeanor and likely sociopathy coupled with the manner in which Donald Trump Jr. constantly heaps fawning praise on his dad ensure that this embarrassing reputation is unlikely to change any time soon. Sorry Jr., daddy only loves himself.

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