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Trump says whistleblower’s lawyer should be “sued” for “maybe treason” in wild, incoherent rant

Trump says whistleblower’s lawyer should be “sued” for “maybe treason” in wild, incoherent rant

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The Trump presidency is sinking deeper and deeper into an impeachment quagmire of the man’s own making. Hardly a week passes now without some stunning new revelation about just how far this administration was willing to go to secure a 2020 election victory.

We now have multiple officials on the record stating that there was an explicit quid pro quo offer to Ukraine. Trump wanted the Eastern European country to harm 2020 candidate Joe Biden by opening a sham investigation into him and his son. In order to create leverage for that demand, Trump cut off almost $400 million in military aid to Ukraine even as it struggled to fight off the Russian military.

Democrats have been methodically collecting and releasing the details of the administration’s corrupt scheme as in the inquiry progresses, and for weeks the Republicans have been screeching about how the entire process is happening behind closed doors and lacking in transparency. Now that public hearings are officially planned for next week, the GOP is already singing a different tune. Trump himself has pivoted and now insists that public hearings are a bad idea because the entire inquiry is a “hoax.” This incoherency is emblematic of the administration’s handling of impeachment so far.

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While speaking to reporters today, Trump made it clear that he has no idea how to proceed and is now unsure what kind of narrative he should even be trying to sell at this point. He ended up throwing out a confusing string of accusations and statements that failed to coalesce into anything even remotely resembling an argument.

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“I’ll tell you the whistleblower, I call him the fake whistleblower, he gave a fake report of my phone call,” Trump said, failing to explain what exactly was “fake” about the professionally compiled and submitted report. Trump then claimed that “everybody disappeared” suddenly after he released the transcript, a nonsense statement that ignores the fact that the transcript explicitly shows the president asking his Ukrainian counterpart for a “favor.”

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From there, he went on to conspiratorially ramble for a bit and incorrectly said that almost the entire whistleblower report was a “lie” and that the individual who filed it is a “disgrace to our country.” Trump also said for the umpteenth time that his Ukraine phone call was “perfect” despite the fact that the transcript is publicly available now and even a cursory read shows it to be deeply problematic.

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The president next took aim at the whistleblower’s attorney, saying that he said “the worst things possible two years ago” and that “he should be sued and maybe for treason, maybe for treason.”  Trump was referring to tweets the lawyer made in 2017 predicting a “coup” against Trump. The attorney has clarified that he simply meant Trump would inevitably end up “stepping over the line” and would be subsequently removed from office in a lawful manner.

Trump threw out a threw more discombobulated talking points before winding down with a real doozy.

“And despite all that, we’re kicking their ass,” Trump said, clearly enveloped within the pathetic delusion he’s been trying to sell to the country for months. He’s up against the ropes and either he can’t see it, or is terrified to admit it.

Watch the clip below.

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