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“Let’s get rid of the f*cking judges:” anonymous book alleges Trump wanted to do away with the judiciary

“Let’s get rid of the f*cking judges:” anonymous book alleges Trump wanted to do away with the judiciary

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The latest tell-all book from a former Trump administration official is promising to be just as explosive as the last few have, if the excerpts previewed by Axios are anything to go by.

The book, entitled “a Warning” by the anonymous official who wrote an infamous op-ed for the New York Times last year, alleges that President Trump proposed doing away with the judiciary entirely on multiple occasions.

“Can we just get rid of the judges? Let’s get rid of the f*cking judges. There shouldn’t be any at all, really” reportedly demanded Trump in a rage one morning as yet another of his initiatives was stymied by a court decision. The official even says that he went so far as to “draft up a bill and send it to Congress to reduce the number of federal judges,” a request that was apparently promptly ignored.

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Throughout his presidency, Donald Trump has been waging a vigorous if ultimately fruitless battle against the courts for blocking some of his most heinous plans, like the ban on Muslims from entering the United States and his efforts to refuse the requests of asylum seekers. As recently as last Thanksgiving, Trump was trashing the 9th Circuit Court for being “out of control” and a complete and total disaster.”

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The White House responded by calling the allegations “lies” written by a “coward.”

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Which makes the allegations from the anonymous author fairly credible. It certainly sounds like something Trump would say, but until this person reveals themselves for who they really are, everything they publish must be taken with a barrel of salt.

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It is extremely distasteful for them to publish a book like this behind a pseudonym in a time when the concept of objective truth and the credibility of the media is under relentless attack from the President, and if this person is discovered to be exaggerating or telling false tales, they will have done our cause a great disservice that they should have to answer for.

But if these allegations are true, then this person needs to come forward and testify before Congress about how the president has attempted to tear down the rule of law in this nation and provide what evidence he can for the impeachment inquiry currently unfolding in Congress.

To simply cash out with a book deal is an abdication of responsibility and patriotic duty.

Original reporting by Mike Allen at Axios. 

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