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Trump claims Democrats are trying to “shut down American energy” and believe factories don’t need power

Trump claims Democrats are trying to “shut down American energy” and believe factories don’t need power

Content to cash donation checks from the fossil fuel companies at the expense of future generations, the Republican Party under Donald Trump continues to march lockstep towards global climate disaster. Meanwhile, the Democratic candidates for president are sounding the alarm that the United States must move immediately towards clean, renewable energy if we are to have any chance of saving the planet.

Of course, the GOP can’t admit that they’re helping destroy the Earth in return for campaign contributions and a few more years in power, so instead they’re trying gaslight Americans into believing they care about the environment but that any significant steps to reduce emissions and curb climate change will levy unbearable economic hardships on the American people. What they conveniently fail to mention is that once the planet becomes uninhabitable there won’t be any economy at all.

Earlier today, Trump spoke at the Economic Club of New York and unleashed a barrage of attacks on the Democratic Party.

“They waged an unethical regulatory assault on the American people. They tried to shut down American energy. And by they way, they are still trying. You want to see energy shut down? Take a look at what I’m competing against on the other side,” Trump claimed, twisting the goals and intentions of Democrats in his customary manner.

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“I don’t think they even believe in energy. So far I haven’t found any form of energy that’s acceptable to them,” the president stated without so much as a trace of irony. Obviously, Democrats believe in energy, a fundamental building block of civilization, we just think it’s far past time that the United States move towards more sustainable sources. Gas and oil won’t be abandoned overnight, but they must be gradually phased out in favor of wind, solar, and nuclear power.

“I think they think the factories are just going to work without energy, don’t they? They don’t have a clue, these people,” Trump went on. “But I don’t want to mention it yet. I want to wait a little bit longer. Let them go a little bit further so they can’t take it back. Because there’s a campaign, I like it. I like it very much.”

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The attack was nonsensical rubbish, a laughably dishonest portrayal of the Democratic platform and a clear sign that Trump is woefully unequipped to tackle the challenges facing this nation. He can’t confront the Democrats on what they’re actually campaigning for because his own positions are so untenable. So, as usual, he resorts to pathetic lies.

Watch the clip below.

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