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Fox’s Lou Dobbs promotes anti-Semitic theory accusing George Soros of controlling the State Dept. and FBI

Fox’s Lou Dobbs promotes anti-Semitic theory accusing George Soros of controlling the State Dept. and FBI

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The news outlets controlled by Rupert Murdoch have never been known for their sterling journalistic standards.

Both Fox News and its sibling channel Fox Business have long been known more for disseminating right-wing opinions on current events than for the straight presentation of facts and have rarely shied away from presenting the wildest. most far-fetched conspiracy theories that other extreme-right-wing outlets like InfoWars and Breitbart News can come up with.

Fox Business has always been at least slightly better at disguising its biases than the main Fox News channel, if only because its primary subject matter concerns the world of finance rather than politics. Yet, its most well-known anchor, Lou Dobbs, has managed to promote his ultra-conservative world view just as effectively as Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson have on their broadcasts on the main Fox News network.

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In fact, Dobbs may have presided over one of the lowest points on any of the Fox channels by hosting an appearance by the husband and wife attorney team of Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing tonight. If those names sound familiar, you may have heard of them when they were picked by Donald Trump to help represent him in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation only to be unceremoniously dumped from the job just days later due to conflicts of interest.

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The pair are regular guest commentators on both of the Fox channels which made it rather uncomfortable when one of the few journalists dedicated to hard news rather than right-wing bloviating, Chris Wallace, broke the scoop on Fox News in September that the pair were “working off the books” to help Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani dig up Ukraine dirt on the Bidens.

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In their latest appearance, diGenova and Toensing used Dobbs’ broadcast to promulgate the type of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories usually pushed by people who carry a copy of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion around in their back pockets and read the neo-Nazi publication The Daily Stormer.

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Unsurprisingly, diGenova responded to a question posed by Dobbs related to the testimony of George Kent, the  Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs, in today’s impeachment hearing with a long diatribe about George Soros, the Hungarian-American investor and philanthropist who is the locus of many an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory as one of the rich Jews who wield outside influence and seek to control the world in the tainted minds of the subscribers to this paranoid view of world affairs.

The Trump-defending lawyer’s rant claimed that Soros uses his money and power to control the State Department, buy the cooperation of FBI agents overseas, and wants to use his machinations of U.S. government deep state resources to control Ukraine as part of his insidious master plan to rule the world.

One could liken this story to a plot lifted from a bad comic book but that would be insulting to the much more creative talent working in that industry. Instead, the drivel that diGenova was trying to pass off as fact is more like the fever dream of a twisted mind full of resentments and grievances looking for a convenient scapegoat to heap their dissatisfactions upon.

No wonder Trump wanted to hire this pair of lawyers to represent him. The similarities in how their minds work are uncanny.

You can get a taste of the rancid claptrap spewed forth by diGenova and his wife in the video excerpt from Lou Dobbs Tonight included in the tweet below.

Remember them and Fox News the next time another anti-Semitic monster decides he wants to shoot up a synagogue so you can place part of the blame where it belongs, on the despicable people who circulate lies intended to spark hatred.

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