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Trump claims he’s “too busy” to watch impeachment hearings despite spending entire morning tweeting about it

Trump claims he’s “too busy” to watch impeachment hearings despite spending entire morning tweeting about it

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The public hearings for the official impeachment inquiry into President Donald J. Trump began today and he already appears to be cracking under the pressure. As he watches the proceedings unfold, powerless to stop them, he’s taken to Twitter in a pathetic effort to cheer himself up. Apparently lacking the energy to even come up with original tweets though, Trump resorted to quoting his television sycophants and retweeting some of his diehard supporters.

Trump started out by channeling far-right lunatic and popular conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, who has called the impeachment inquiry a “partisan sham,” a phrase which far more accurately characterizes the kneejerk Republican defense of an obviously crooked president than anything the Democrats are doing.

In addition to quoting Limbaugh, Trump questioned why Schiff is allowed to “hand over cross examination to a high priced outside lawyer.” The answer, of course, is that Schiff is entitled to have a legal expert assist so that he can zero in on whether or not criminal wrongdoing was committed. If there’s nothing to uncover, Trump has nothing to worry about.

Ludicrously, Trump floated the possibility that the attorney in question may have previously worked for him and claimed that it would be a “conflict.” Since he would surely recognize the lawyer if that were the case and would be making more of a racket about it, one can safely presume this is nothing more than a cheap attempt to muddy the waters yet again.

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Since no Twitter outburst from President Trump would be the same without a quote from one of the hacks over at Fox News, he included one. This time it was from the embarrassingly obsequious Steve Doocy of Fox and Friends

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Trump then unleashed a three-part tweet quoting right-wing commentator Charles Hurt’s long-winded complaints about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who he accused of caring “more about power than she does about principle,” an incredibly hypocritical way to defend a president who tried to abuse his office to coerce the Ukrainian president into opening an investigation into 2020 rival Joe Biden.

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The assertion that this impeachment process is “not at all what the Founders intended” is even more pathetic. A president as blatantly criminal as Trump using his powers to solicit personal favors from foreign governments is exactly why the Founders included an impeachment mechanism in the Constitution in the first place.

Running out of things to say, Trump then blasted out two pointless all caps tweets.

He then rounded things out by sharing a deeply unconvincing anti-impeachment video. Frankly, if this is the best he can muster his presidency is in serious trouble.

The irony of this obsessive tweetstorm is that Axios’s Alayna Treene reported earlier today that Trump claimed he is “too busy” to watch the “witch hunt” hearings which he insisted are part of a “hoax”. He also claimed about Schiff is using “television lawyers,” a telling detail that shows our reality television still views everything as little more than tawdry spectacle. After seeing his morning Twitter behavior, one would be a fool to think he’s “too busy” to pay attention. Clearly he’s unable to think about anything else.

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