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Trump tries to argue his witness intimidation is just him expressing his “free speech”

Trump tries to argue his witness intimidation is just him expressing his “free speech”

Late on Friday afternoon, President Trump offered up a truly absurd defense of his disrespectful and petulant Twitter attacks against former Ukraine ambassador Maria Yovanovich.

Democrats and Republicans alike seized upon his poorly considered and disgracefully insulting tweets besmirching the career diplomat and her 30+ years of public service, rightfully labeling them as an attempt at witness intimidation and floating the idea that they could be used to charge the president with additional articles of impeachment for his efforts to obstruct and interfere in the impeachment hearings itself.

This possibility did not sit well with the President, who frantically tried to argue that he was just exercising his “free speech.”

Add your name to tell Congress to investigate Pence for his role in Trump’s Ukraine corruption. The VP is complicit!

“I have the right to speak. I have freedom of speech just like other people do!” argued Trump to reporters at the White House today, adding that he had the right to respond if others are speaking about him. He disagreed with the notion that he was intimidating anyone, saying that he “didn’t think so at all.”

“Free speech” is the usual right-wing go-to excuse for any number of disgusting bigotries, and it appears that now that excuse is being applied to the president’s legal troubles.

Thankfully, it’s not up to him to decide whether or not he thinks he’s committed any crime. If you want to continue digging yourself deeper into his hole, then by all means, Mr. President, keep a tight grip on that shovel!

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