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George Conway dunks on Nikki Haley for throwing a fit over his criticism of Trump defender

George Conway dunks on Nikki Haley for throwing a fit over his criticism of Trump defender

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Whether out of an attempt to raise her diminished profile in the Republican party ahead of an election year after her departure from the Trump administration or as part of a strategy to increase the sales of her new book, former UN ambassador Nikki Haley has been busy inserting herself into the news lately.

She managed to attract a lot of attention this morning by inserting herself into the Twitter feud between the “Never Trump” Republican attorney, George Conway — husband of Senior White House Advisor Kelly Anne Conway — and Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY).

Haley attacked Mr. Conway in her retweet of an article from the right-wing web site, slamming the noted Trump critic for his description of the showboating GOP member of the House Intelligence Committee as “lying trash.”

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If Haley wanted attention, picking a fight with George Conway and his nearly three-quarters of a million Twitter followers was a surefire way to attract it, but it came at the expense of instigating a series of devastating posts from the master of the tweeted putdown, a man who has had extensive practice in his daily tweets criticizing Donald Trump and his administration for their betrayal of the basic constitutional principles that he cherishes as a true conservative barrister.

Conway’s responses to Haley offered him the opportunity to call out the former South Carolina governor for her hypocrisy in the recent reiteration of her support for Trump after having made a fortuitous exit from the administration before the shit really began to hit the fan in what was considered an attempt to salvage her reputation for future political battles. Yet with book sales at stake, Haley reaffirmed her integral role in the criminal Trump administration in recent weeks by reingratiating herself with the president and stepping up to his defense despite the revelations from the impeachment hearings, an effort that Conway pilloried with ease.

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Conway questioned Haley’s motives in her defense of Trump and his GOP advocates in the House as a product of total self-interest.

He also ridiculed the reaction to Haley’s tweet attacking him by sarcastically pointing out the dismal ratio of comments to retweets that her post earned on Twitter.

Not content to humiliate Haley for her selfish hypocrisy on his own, George Conway also retweeted the comments of GOP presidential candidate former Congressman Joe Walsh, another “Never Trump” Republican disgusted by the former UN Ambassador’s cynically convenient support of  Donald Trump.

Haley apparently knows when she’s outmatched since she refused to take the bait offered by Conway’s replies to her initial tweet. As of press time, she had still not responded to any of the Republican Trump antagonists who called out her support for the corrupt regime.

Next time she should think twice before sticking her hands in the lion’s cage that is George Conway’s Twitter feed.

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