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Pro-life, pro-McConnell right wing lawyer goes viral explaining why Trump needs to be impeached

Pro-life, pro-McConnell right wing lawyer goes viral explaining why Trump needs to be impeached

It appears as if the overwhelming evidence of Donald Trump’s guilt that is being uncovered by the House impeachment inquiry is finally reaching even the died-in-the-wool right-wingers who have been supporting the president up until now.

That’s the extrapolation to be drawn from the Twitter posts of a conservative Texas attorney who has become a born-again impeachment advocate after following the testimony of the multiple witnesses to the criminal behavior of the Trump regime.

Bryan Gividen, a lawyer who subscribes to the major tenets of modern conservative political thought, gave a clear and concise explanation of his conversion from being an acolyte of the president who supported his radical right-wing agenda to a strong believer that Trump must be impeached in a thread on Twitter today.

Add your name to tell Congress to investigate Pence for his role in Trump’s Ukraine corruption. The VP is complicit!

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While most progressives would blanch at the thought of fighting so hard to remove Donald Trump from office only to be saddled with a President Pence — a man who may not survive his own involvement in the Ukraine scandals — the arguments that Gividen makes to his conservative compatriots about the urgency of impeaching Trump may help move the needle with Trump’s wavering base just enough to push Senate Republicans to abandon their fear of a leader whom they surely know will turn on them at the first sign of disloyalty.

One has to ask oneself if it is easier to tolerate a seriously misguided, but at least reality-dwelling, right-wing religious extremist than an obviously traitorous amoral madman with access to the nuclear codes.

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If Gividen’s tweets help advance the acceptance of Trump’s impeachment in conservative circles, we can overlook the other issues we have with his opinions to strike a temporary truce to advance a common goal: a Trump-free 2020.

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