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Trump smears Adam Schiff as “human scum” and brags about his “great hearing” in surreal tweets

Trump smears Adam Schiff as “human scum” and brags about his “great hearing” in surreal tweets

On the morning of the second straight day of marathon impeachment hearings, President Trump predictably took to Twitter in a rage, firing off a dozen or so angry tweets in response to yesterday’s stunning revelations and in a hollow attempt to defend himself.

It appears that he is responding to the coverage of yesterday’s hearings, having finally found some “executive time” to sit back and catch up on all the reactions to the damning testimony shared by Gordon Sondland that implicated the President, his Vice-President, and his Secretary of State in the plot to bully Ukraine into holding fake investigations into the Bidens.

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Alarmingly enough, the President is correct when he says one would have no idea that the coverage between FOX and other news outlets were reporting on the same events, because FOX is pushing ridiculous spin and delusion while the rest of the media is covering the testimonies with remarkable accuracy. He’s just wrong about which channels are pushing the “fake and corrupt” news.

The next several tweets are pretty standard retreads of his opinion on House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who he smeared as “human scum” and baselessly accused of “great corruption and dishonesty.”

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The president implored the nation to read the transcripts of the Ukrainian calls that his own White House released, seemingly under the impression that they alone were enough to exonerate him.

But it was his last tweet that was the real doozy — just that Grade A uncut classic Trump surreal weirdness that robs you of just a little more of your sanity after reading it.

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He’s referring to the testimony by foreign service officer Daniel Holmes in which he recounts that he overheard the president ask EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland “So, he’s gonna do the investigation?” because the president was yelling so loudly into the phone that Sondland held it away from his head and let the sound carry into the room.

But for Trump to say that he’s been watching people make phone calls his entire life and then go on to tout how excellent his hearing is and how he’s spent a significant amount of time attempting to eavesdrop on other people’s calls is just incredible.

With his vitriol escalating and his grasp on reality deteriorating at an alarming rate, one shudders to think of what he’s going to come out with after another full day of damning testimony.

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