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Trump trashes Maria Yovanovich in sexist rant: They went easy on her because she’s a woman

Trump trashes Maria Yovanovich in sexist rant: They went easy on her because she’s a woman

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With despicable character flaws so abundant in his personality, Donald Trump’s blatant misogyny often is overshadowed by his narcissism and his pathological inability to tell the truth in the daily recounting of his offenses against the expectations of normative behavior by the president of the United States.

Yet that inherent disrespect for women was impossible to ignore in Trump’s phone interview on the hospitable territory of Fox and Friends this morning as the president spun a new conspiracy theory of his own invention by accusing former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch — a formidable witness in the impeachment inquiry against him who detailed Trump’s deputies’ illicit political schemes— of being the beneficiary of a lower standard of scrutiny because of her gender.

Trump seemed to be painting himself as the victim of reverse discrimination against rich and privileged old white men in his portrayal of Yovanovitch as being spared tough criticism on account of her being a woman. Trump’s comments indicated that he has no such qualms against treating women as viciously and selfishly as he treats everyone else, in a misogynistic twisting of gender equality into equal opportunity misanthropy.

“I said, ‘Why are you being so kind?’ ‘Well, sir, she’s a woman. We have to be nice,’ ” Trump told the Fox and Friends hosts. “She’s very tough. I heard bad things.”

Among the “bad things” that the president accused his hastily removed ambassador of committing were her alleged refusal to hang his portrait in the American embassy in Ukraine and his characterization of Yovanovitch as “an Obama person.”

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At this point in the interview, Trump’s pathological lying intersected perfectly with his misogyny and narcissism.

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As the Washington Post article attached to the tweet below confirms, any failure to promptly decorate the embassy in Ukraine with an official portrait of the orange-hued president was directly related to the incompetence and inefficiencies of Trump’s own administration.

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As far as the accusations that Yovanovitch was “an Obama person” go, one could plausibly say that it contains a kernel of truth since the former ambassador — a career foreign service officer since 1986 — served in the Obama administration.

However, one would then rightfully have to also describe her as a “Reagan person”, a “G.H.W. Bush person”, a “Clinton person,” a “G.W. Bush person,” and a “Trump person,” since Yovanovitch served admirably and capably in each of those administrations.

Trump wasn’t finished with his denigration of one of the key witnesses in the impeachment hearings that have provided explosive evidence of the president’s bribery and extortion scheme towards Ukraine for his personal political gain. The president questioned why his Republican attack dogs hadn’t been more aggressive in undermining her devastating testimony and decided that her gender was the only answer.

“This was not an angel, this woman, OK?” Trump slandered Yovanovitch in the live interview.

“And there was a lot of things that she did that I didn’t like, and we’ll talk about that at some point, but I just want to let you know this was not a baby that we’re dealing with,” he complained about the woman whom he has claimed that he didn’t know very well.

Trump’s comments suggested that we are dealing with a baby, and it’s himself since his whiney excuses for being caught with his hand in the cookie jar are as credible as that of a three-year surrounded by Oreo crumbs.

Trump’s desperate negative spin against the fact witnesses in the hearings only accentuate the appearance of his guilt as much as his refusal to allow any of the principles of his administration involved in the alleged crimes to testify before Congress does.

Trump is cornered and he knows it. He will utilize every one of his massive character flaws — in any way he can — to try to wiggle out being held accountable for his illegal behavior and retain the presidency.

His misogynistic smears on former Ambassador Yovanovitch are just the tip of the iceberg compared to what’s likely coming down the pike as the various players in the Ukraine scandal try to decide whether they will be more likely to survive by staying under the protective umbrella of a possible Trump pardon or by coming clean before Congress. 

Luckily, any insults hurled by the president towards responsible civil servants who patriotically expose the truth of the administration’s misdeeds can be worn as a badge of honor.

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