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Trump drops hints about whistleblower’s identity in morning tweets

Trump drops hints about whistleblower’s identity in morning tweets

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One of Donald Trump’s nefarious methods to deflect attention from the substance of his multiple impeachable offenses is to focus attention on how the latest scandal in a string of dastardly deeds came to the attention of the public.

Hence he has committed considerable energy attacking the unidentified whistleblower who — having followed all the proper procedures per government regulations in reporting the transgressions of which he became aware — is legally entitled to having their identity, their employment,  and, more importantly, given the more violent retribution threatened by rabid supporters of the president, their life and safety.

Republicans on the House committees conducting the impeachment inquiry hearings have tried multiple times to uncover and publicize the name of the whistleblower, most notably through the efforts of one of Trump’s most odious toadies, Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA). House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) has fortunately been astute enough to head off the attempts at each turn.

Donald Trump has been undeterred by the failure to out the whistleblower and has continued to blame the patriotic crime-exposer for his impeachment worries while claiming that the disputed phone call that the whistleblower reported based on second-hand accounts was “perfect” — despite the fact that other sources with more direct knowledge of the call have confirmed all of the details of the initial accusation and more.

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Trump continued his futile and moot attacks on the whistleblower on Twitter this morning, quoting one of his usual sources for propagandistic disinformation, Laura Ingraham of Fox News.

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While it is impossible to know for sure whether this recitation of the alleged resume of the whistleblower is indeed accurate or merely a fabrication designed to target and demonize Trump’s political rivals, if any of the details are true, they provide a fine template of information to help any sleuthing-minded acolyte of the president to uncover the name of the whistleblower and illegally disclose it publicly in violation of the law.

Trump’s provision of a list of clues amounts to another instance of witness intimidation against the public servants who have exposed his crimes and simply adds another impeachable offense to the mounting list of transgressions from a president who truly seems to believe that he is above the law and immune to the consequences of his criminal actions.

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