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Lifelong Republican voter quits party by penning scathing viral letter to his Congressmen

Lifelong Republican voter quits party by penning scathing viral letter to his Congressmen

Republicans have only two options at this point in the Trump presidency. They can support a man who has demonstrated beyond a shred of doubt that he is the worst president this country has ever seen, and in doing so cosign the degradations and disasters he continues to inflict on his office and the United States as a whole. Or, they can renounce him and the cowards in Congress who are cynically shielding him from consequences and who have been doubling down on the failed ideology of Trumpism. For Ryan Hussey, a lifelong Republican voter, the choice is clear.

In a tweet that has since gone viral, Hussey shared the letter he sent to his three Congressional representatives Senator Jerry Moran (R-KY),  Senator Pat Roberts (R-KY), and Representative Sharice Davids (D-KY). In it, Hussey describes his utter disgust for the manner in which the GOP has debased itself for Trump, citing in particular the shameful behavior of Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee during the impeachment inquiry.

“To say I am disappointed would be an understatement,” the letter begins, setting the tone for the scathing missive to come. Hussey explains his background, which includes being a member of the Republican Party since he cast his first vote at age seventeen. He writes that for a long time he supported the GOP because he believed what they claimed about themselves. Namely, that the party stood for “limited government, fiscal responsibility, market based policies to address societal problems, strong national defense, and the support of free democracies around the world.” Clearly, Hussey no longer believes this farce.

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He writes that he has witnessed the “slow degradation of casting aside” the aforementioned values for the “sole purpose of capitulating to the ego of a reality television host” who champions a new set of priorities not in line with Hussey’s beliefs. For these reasons, he says he will be registering as an Unaffiliated voter and intends to participate in the Democratic primaries from now on.

“I am relieved to say that I no longer consider myself a Republican,” reads the letter. From there, Hussey goes on to list his specific grievances with the way the GOP has been behaving during the impeachment inquiry. He takes a moment to commend Rep. Davids, a Democrat, for engaging with her constituents and her “careful approach” to her office even though he may disagree with her on certain policy issues.

Hussey then informs Senators Moran and Roberts that he will not be voting for them ever again, adding that he won’t vote for any Republican who supports the “current direction of the party.” He ends with a warning that he is not the only person who feels this way.

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Read the letter in full below.

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