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Rick Perry tells Trump he is God’s “Chosen One” sent to “rule and judge” us

Rick Perry tells Trump he is God’s “Chosen One” sent to “rule and judge” us

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The unholy marriage between the self-styled moral religious right and Donald Trump, a serial philanderer, liar, crook, and sexual predator is one of the most stomach-churning hypocrisies of the last few years.

Even as he has proven completely lacking in anything even vaguely resembling a conscience and repeatedly demonstrated staggering incompetency for office the Evangelical base of the Republican Party has stood steadfast behind him, either due to mass delusion or an incredibly cynical political calculus which tells them that Trump is worth defending if it means reactionaries can further tighten their grip on our judiciary. Whatever the reason, their decision to align themselves with the worst president in history, a man who has nothing to offer the world beyond cruelty and idiocy, will be a historic stain that no amount of baptismal water will wash away.

But it would appear that simply destroying their moral credibility (what little they had to begin with) isn’t enough for these Christian Republicans. Apparently, they also need to render themselves into humiliating caricatures. Energy Secretary Rick Perry has beclowned himself once again in a new interview by revealing that he told Trump that he is God’s “Chosen One” fated to be president.

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This is the same Rick Perry who in 2015 called Trump a “cancer on conservatism” and “a barking carnival act” and said that Trumpism would lead the GOP to “perdition.” Clearly, his Cabinet appointment and the immense influence and power that came with it have convinced Perry to change his tune even as he prepares to leave the administration for what is sure to be a long, lucrative career.

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Secretary Perry revealed his ludicrous comments during an appearance on Fox News on Sunday night.

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“God’s used imperfect people all through history. King David wasn’t perfect. Saul wasn’t perfect. Solomon wasn’t perfect. And I actually gave the president a little one-pager on those Old Testament kings about a month ago,” said Perry. “And I shared it with him, I said ‘Mr. President I know there are people that say you know, you said you were the Chosen One. And I said ‘You were,” Perry went on.

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He was referring to a now-infamous moment when Trump told reporters that he is the “Chosen One” sent to take on China. It was one of the most delusional Trump moments to date, and Perry’s decision to indulge him in this fantasy is not only embarrassing but dangerous. The last thing a narcissistic maniac like Donald Trump needs to be told is that he was sent by God to do whatever he wants.

Perry went on to rationalize his remarks by explaining his belief that God has a plan behind everything and that he chooses the people who “rule and judge over us on this planet.” Perry also said he thinks President Obama was sent by God as well, which is an obvious attempt to shield himself from criticism. He would never be making such a statement if Obama were still in office.

Now that it seems all but certain that Trump will be impeached in the House for his efforts to abuse the powers of the Oval Office to force Ukraine into opening a damaging investigation into Joe Biden, it’s more important than ever that Perry and his ilk be condemned for remarks such as these. Trump is not a messiah and telling the GOP base as much is poisoning our democracy and pushing voters further away from objective reality. The president is an odious criminal and anyone claiming otherwise at this point is lying to you. He must be removed from office.

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