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Trump claims he actually wants his team to testify in bizarre outburst about “D.C. Wolves”

Trump claims he actually wants his team to testify in bizarre outburst about “D.C. Wolves”

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President Trump lashed out on Twitter for the umpteenth time this morning, taking aim at some group he called “The D.C. Wolves” which appears to be just the latest iteration of his “Deep State” rhetoric with himself once again cast as an innocent victim beset by ravenous dark forces. Whether he wants us to imagine him as an innocent lamb or perhaps even more perversely as a shepherd is unclear, but both are laughable symbols for the most corrupt, disastrous president in American history.

The tweets also took aim at the “Fake News Media” and Trump complained that people are “reading far too much” into the fact that an increasing number of his associates are taking to the stand to testify before Congress as part of the ongoing impeachment inquiry. He insisted that he is fighting to protect future presidents and the Oval Office itself, failing to mention that he has been methodically degrading the presidency since day one, to the point where it’s unclear if it will ever recover the dignity it once had.

After laughably claiming that he would “like people to testify,” Trump brought up the recent news that his former White House Counsel Don McGahn will be testifying. He called McGahn “respected” and said that he has stated that Trump did nothing wrong. Of course, if Trump were truly unbothered by McGahn’s coming testimony he wouldn’t feel the need to mention it at all. This is the president either making a last-ditch effort to convince McGahn to stand by him or an attempt to undermine anything damaging that might emerge during testimony by pointing out that McGahn has supported him in the past.

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In a similar fashion, Trump brought up his former National Security Advisor John Bolton and heaped transparent flattery on him by calling him a “patriot.” Tacked on to the Bolton comment was an unconvincing, pathetic attempt to whitewash his attempts to strongarm Ukraine into opening an electorally damaging investigation into Joe Biden. The tweet flies directly in the face of reports that Bolton was so alarmed when he learned of the Ukraine scheme that he told an aide to inform White House lawyers of the corrupt plan.

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Presumably trying to project confidence he doesn’t feel, Trump went on to say that he would “love” to have Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, and Acting White House Chief of Staff and Director of the OMB Mick Mulvaney as well as “many others” testify before Congress as part of the “phony impeachment hoax.”

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Trump will almost certainly go back on this offer and try to block these men from testifying should such an eventuality arise. There is no reason to think that these career politicians will be willing to risk their own freedom by committing perjury for Trump, especially given this president’s well-documented habit of tossing his allies under the bus. Trump acts as if their loyalty is unquestionable, but he likely knows the truth. He’s scared, and it shows.

Even if this is nothing more than a PR ploy, Congress should take the offer at face value and call everyone even tangentially involved in the Ukraine plot to testify. The American people deserve the truth.

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