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Trump unleashes mockery on himself by sharing an image of himself as shirtless Rocky Balboa

Trump unleashes mockery on himself by sharing an image of himself as shirtless Rocky Balboa

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Republicans love to think of their incredibly crooked, incompetent president as a besieged hero, a man who has suffered the slings and arrows of an unfair press and remains standing, a hero who stands up to The Swamp, and The Deep State, and The D.C. Wolves and whatever other ludicrous amorphous bugaboo phrases Trump conjures up to describe the forces supposedly arrayed against him.

In reality, Donald Trump is nothing more than a two-bit criminal who resorts to outlandish lies and smears every time he is caught redheaded doing something stupid or even overtly criminal. One would have to be a complete fool to think otherwise at this point and one would be forgiven for feeling an urge to mock such boneheaded credulity.

This morning, Trump took to Twitter and gave the world another reason to laugh at him, something which one wishes were not possible to say about the President of the United States but which is a constant reality under this administration.

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Perhaps in an effort to distract from the impeachment proceedings that threaten to destroy his presidency once and for all or perhaps because he’s simply that insulated within his own delusions, Trump shared a photoshopped image of Rocky Balboa, the character from the popular boxing films, with his own head fastened where Sylvester Stallone’s should be.

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Ignoring the low hanging fruit of comparing Rocky’s physique to that of a president who infamously doesn’t exercise and subsists largely on McDonald’s, the tweet is unfortunately a window into how many in the MAGA movement view Trump. Many really have convinced themselves that he is some underdog fighting off sinister forces who will ultimately triumph. It’s as pathetic as it is strange.

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This man has shredded the dignity of the Oval Office and is now tap dancing on what remains. He is a complete disgrace and every day he makes this country more and more of a laughingstock.

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As expected, Trump’s image was met with brutal mockery.

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