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Morning Joe slams his former party for pushing Putin’s propaganda points

Morning Joe slams his former party for pushing Putin’s propaganda points

Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s Morning Joe unleashed his latest salvo of brutal criticisms on the GOP this morning, this time focusing on the utterly shameful way in which Republicans have been trotting out unhinged conspiracy theories about Ukraine in an effort to defend President Trump as his impeachment inquiry heats up.

While we now know that Russia interfered in the 2016 election in order to help elect Donald Trump and destabilize the United States, Republicans now want us to believe that it was actually Ukraine who interfered on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

The Hill reports that Scarborough — a former Republican and one-time friend of Trump who shed his elephant pin in reaction to this disastrous administration — led a panel of commentators as they dug into the new Republican smear campaign, taking particular issue with comments made by Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) over the weekend. During an appearance on Meet the Press, Kennedy lobbed some Ukraine conspiracies out on air, and Todd pointed out that he was repeating Putin propaganda almost verbatim.

“You have Republicans going on national television repeating Putin talking points,” Scarborough said today, clearly referring to the Kennedy clip.

Scarborough’s guest, Financial Times’s US national editor Edward Luce wasn’t afraid to take it a step further. He dismissed the allegations that Ukraine interfered in 2016 and slammed the entire Republican Party for engaging in conspiracies “cooked up in the Kremlin.” Scarborough asked Luce what he thinks the implications of this desperate GOP strategy are and his response was blunt.

Add your name to tell Congress to investigate Pence for his role in Trump’s Ukraine corruption. The VP is complicit!

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“I have to say it’s profoundly dispiriting in a sort of geopolitical sense that not just, you know, a senator but a party for the most part that controls one half of Congress plus the White House is parroting a complete, a sort of a moon-barking conspiracy theory about the 2016 election, that’s very alarming,” said Luce.

“But on another level: unsurprising, because as Jonathan and you were pointing out this is an impeachment process where there are very, very few defenses of the president’s actions,” Luce added, before explaining the timeline of revelations related to Trump’s quid pro quo scheme to hurt Joe Biden.

Watch the full video below.


Scarborough also took to Twitter to slam the Republicans. Clearly, he has no patience left for his former voting buddies.

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