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Twitter has a field day mocking Melania Trump’s weird White House Christmas decorations video

Twitter has a field day mocking Melania Trump’s weird White House Christmas decorations video

America isn’t exactly in love with its First Lady. Sure, Republicans continue to fawn over Melania and her robotic and cold presence beside Donald but to many it’s clear that there is little love left between the two if indeed there was ever any to begin with. So when she decided to tweet a video of herself wandering around an apparently empty yet Christmas-bedecked White House yesterday, the responses were predictably brutal.

The overwhelming criticism was that the clip was deeply creepy, more akin to something out of a horror movie than a touching holiday message. The fact that her family is nowhere to be seen despite the fact that Christmas represents for those who celebrate it a chance to gather with loved ones also didn’t go unnoticed.

Some were also quick to reference last year’s Christmas debacle when the First Lady shared a video of herself in a White House draped in reds, more evocative of blood or hellfire than Santa Claus. At the time, it was widely slammed as incredibly unsettling. The year before that many interpreted her strange Christmas trees as skeletal and shadow-drenched.

While this year’s decorations are perhaps not quite as disturbing as the previous two, this is quickly becoming a trend that the First Lady would be wise to buck. Cultivating a reputation as some macabre weirdo isn’t exactly going to do wonders for her already-embattled public persona.

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Bizarrely, she captioned the video “The Spirit of America” and a “beautiful exhibit of patriotism for all to see.” Of course, many Americans are not Christian and don’t celebrate Christmas and the separation of Church and State in this country guarantees that religious holidays have nothing to do with “patriotism.” But for the Trumps, the only America that matters is the part that’s white and Christian.

Twitter didn’t hold back.

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