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Justin Trudeau appears to mock Trump at NATO summit in hot mic video

Justin Trudeau appears to mock Trump at NATO summit in hot mic video

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International summits with Donald Trump are never a walk in the park — but the NATO meetings scheduled for tomorrow are going to be a lot tenser after the President sees this video going viral on right-wing social media.

Chuds across the world are absolutely losing it over footage of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that appears to show him mocking Donald Trump while he was out of the room.

Speaking to British PM Boris Johnson and France’s Emanuel Macron, Trudeau is asked why Trump was late and he explains it was because he takes a “40-minute press conference off the top.” After some inaudible chatter, he jokes about how you could see his team’s jaws drop to the floor.

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Trump indeed did hold a lengthy press conference today, the highlights of which involved him smearing Congressman Adam Schiff as a “deranged maniac” and mixing up the British Prime Minister with the British Ambassador that he himself appointed.

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It appears that Trump’s insatiable need for the spotlight infringes on everyone else’s schedules — not to mention his constant tardiness.

While the Trumpers can get as mad as they want at Trudeau for mocking their hero, the fact of the matter is Trump’s behavior is so childish and all-around disgraceful that they are certainly in the right to do so.

It is a sad day indeed to see our country brought so low, and a sharp reminder of how much work is in front of the next president to restore our standing among the international community.

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