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Trump confuses British Prime Minister with the owner of the New York Jets at NATO press conference

Trump confuses British Prime Minister with the owner of the New York Jets at NATO press conference

An overseas trip by President Trump is almost certain to have its moments of hair-pulling frustration and incredulity from the American public as he abrasively disrespects our foreign allies and stumbles into bizarre verbal gaffes.

This morning’s press conference at the North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit in the United Kingdom was no different, as it appears that the president momentarily forgot who the Prime Minister was and confused him with his ambassador and major donor, NY Jets owner Woody Johnson.

When reporters asked him if he was going to take part in a discussion about the interminable Syrian civil war with Boris Johnson, Trump grew confused about which Johnson he was talking about.

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One would think that Trump would be able to remember who Boris Johnson was, considering that the Tory PM is also a repulsive, racist right-wing buffoon with an absolutely terrible haircut, but it appears the gravy that clogs the president’s mental faculties is particularly thick today.

Woody Johnson, the man Trump was so eagerly looking for in a vain effort to try to fix his error, is a billionaire who bought himself an ambassadorship with staggering donations to Trump, the Republican National Committee, and to the president’s inaugural committee.

Given how Trump has helped create a new humanitarian crisis in northern Syria by greenlighting Turkey’s landgrab and ethnic cleansing campaign, we can only hope that he will not choose to attend the committee and instead retire to his hotel room for some “executive time.” At this point, having the TV keep him occupied is probably the least harmful thing he could do for both our nation and the world at large.

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